Sunday, August 3, 2014

Off the truck and so much to share!

I have gotten off of the truck, and have so much going on at home.  I have been home for a week now, but have been very busy.  I have been busy due to the fact I have decided to restart my home daycare!  I miss it so much.  I was telling my son recently that I may restart it.  One day in the truck, I was praying and it just came to me that I should do this again.  I will be taking preschool aged children and doing preschool activities with them, because from my past daycare that was my favorite part!

I have so many stories and such from my summer on the truck with Beloved.  And I will be sharing many interesting tidbits and stories and tips in future blog posts.  Tonight Beloved is home, and so I am going to keep this post short.  I did however just have the internet turned back on, so I have my computer to post with tonight.  I so do not enjoy doing it from the tablet or my phone.  I really just like having a keyboard, to old fashioned for the new stuff I guess!

I should be back up and posting more often now since I am home, so check back often!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Phone service review

We are waiting for a load and have internet access so it is a great time for a blog post.we havebeen home but I am not paying for internet since nobody is really there.  We visited Erica at camp the other day.  One of the other sr
Staff is giving her piano lessons!  She was given a nice keyboard a couple of yearsago and I recently got her some lessonbooks.  She is learning so much this summer and loving her job!

We have beenstaying closerto home in the truck this last couple of weeks.  I have had some appointments at home so I haveneededto get back more often.   We also just changed cell phone service so I have a review for you.  We had cricket service that we got last fall.  My husband got his first cricket phone in the last week of November.  Erica and I had gotten ours a couple months before.  I upgraded Erica and my phone I late February.  Lthe service was aaful the whole time.  When I bought the two new phones they told me how muchbetter it was going to get due to the merge with AT&T.  They did the merge in March and had not informed the customers that we would all need new phones.  The two I had just bought would not work onthe new system.  Based on all I have read online, this was done to a lotof people.  They could have told us to wait two weeks to buy phones to avoid having to buy another one again but they didn't do things that way.  I refuse to give my money to a company who does such things so we switched service.  I must say I have yet to have a service issue or a dropped call since the change.  For Beloved it was a much needed change.  In the semi he needs a dependable phone.  I still have to find another good used phone for Erica but I have another month or so before she gets home.  There is no cell service around the camp she is at.

Tonight on the truck it is roundsteak abc rice with mushroom gravy.  Unless they let us go home, if they don't find a load and give us the one I think they might tomorrow.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Follow up post

So after the last post I thought perhaps a little more is needed.  When you admit you  suffer from depression, you hear tons of opinions from others.  I have heard them all I think.  The one that sticks most in my mind is "just pray with enough faith and your depression will be better".  That is true to an extent.  I do pray about it and I know God does help.  It is him that carries me through the days when I can't carry myself.  It is also much like if we break a bone or get the flu.  Sure, we pray about those things, however we also reach out to doctors for healing.  Depression is much the same.  It is my loving God after all that makes sure not all days are smothered in darkness.  He also sees to it that there are plenty of days filled with light, HIS precious light.

So here I am today, far from a perfect day.  I am still not home, still have not gotten to see my girl.  That part is hard, but I am headed that way and have decided I can be okay if I make it home by Monday.  I am sure dispatch will have other ideas, but this time I think will be different than last week, as beloved and I have talked.  This week I believe he will approach it differently, I think he will choose to fight for his family and say "no we will not worry about this tomorrow, we will handle this today".

So yes I pray.  Yes, he hears me.  Because of that I can see the sun today, I can enjoy the trees.  I can survive this storm and the next even if God has to carry me.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

So many thoughts flowing today.

The main one is that depression and anxiety do not mix with trucking.  Yes, I admit I suffer from both, however; whoeversaid "there is no crying in trucking" did not.  That person was a constant cheery ray of sunshine, something I will never be.  Nope, I cry.  I cry often.

Then there are the questions about why the industry works the way it does.  For instance, why do drivers get paid pennies a mile and disparchers get paid a percentage on every load that one of his/her drivers pull while thatcouldbe 100 or more drivers.  You know what that does?  It causes problems.  BIG ones.  Dispatchers never want their drivers near home, you may want a day off and your dispatcher loses money on that.  They will also ask no wait and try to force you to skirt the laws.  A legal fourteen hour duty day eleven hours of which can be driving.  Legally loading and unloading is "on duty". But dispatch says no log off for that.  And to encourage you to do it that way, no pay for dock time, fueling time, mainenance time....  Nope only when the wheels turn do you get paid.  Trust me friends, anyone who think a truck driver makes a fair and decent wage has no clue.  You work your legal 70 hours a week, while they ask you to do the afore mentioned things off the clock, in that case some drivers will those who won't have a constant fear of losing their jobs.

So my heart is heavy.  My wonderful daughter is begging us to come visit.  We gave dispatch a weeks notice that we need to be home Saturday.  We have reminded them everyday.  And still today we got sent farther west into New Mexico.  Yeah nice, we live in Ohio.  I don't have to ride with my husband but he gets lonely when I don't and well along with my depression and anxiety, it is really easy to make me feel guilty about anything.  What is a wife and mother to do?  Especially a Christian one who is trying to be Godly.

It really is a problem for me socially.  I hate upsetting anyone.  The constant fear of are they mad at me?  Do they like me?  Did I somehow hurt their feelings?  Did I do enough for them?  I believe I have a servants heart but at the end of the day I have nothing left for me, on top of that I didn't please anyone today.  So at the end of the day often I feel worthless an bitter.

So yes there is crying in trucking.  In my eyes as I sit here looking at Gods beauty in these mountains, something I rarely see, I can't find the beauty.  Not today and that ismy reason to cry today.  Again.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Wow time flies

Time on the truck has beenrunning away from me.  Every day is as full as can be. Tonight I am riting from a truck stop near Kansas City.  Last Saturday we made it back toour hometown in Wichita Kansas.  We spent Saturday and Sunday night there with a friend.  Saturday evening I met up with a dear friend from high school.  We have had an on and off relationship losing touch and finding each other again.  We had not seen each other in person in 23 years.  We had such a great time and it felt like we had never been apart!  We also had breakfast Sunday morning with me brother, well I am not a breakfast person so I had lunch.  I hope we can get there once more this summer.  We didn't have time to see everyone and it wasn't a really good weekend for it being father's day.

Erica is doing great at her summer job, she is working 80 hours some weeks by choice.  She loves lifeguarding and unfortunately has made a couple of saves.  Of course the goal is to not have to do that.  She is also finding time for fun, one day they sent her to the lake with the water sports camp and she went tubing.  She had never done that before.  Today her boss took all the high school workers bowling and she refer me some pictures.  Noone gets phone service at camp but on the drive to town and back she does.  She calls me almost daily from the camp phones.  She did ask for a visit since she is missing us so we are trying to work our way home for that.

Don't forget to invite your friends and family to this blog.  Once I get to 150 followers I will be giving away an ereader!  For those who love to read and don't already have one, or would just like one to give away this will be an awesome give away, but we have to hit the goal first!

I have so many other things to say about my adventures on the truck!  Cooking is becoming a whole new skill with limited space and power in a very bumpy moving vehicle.  Right now my challenge is blogging in the driver's seat while beloved's cat demands held.  Nope, never a dull moment!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Busy week!!!

Well summer has certainly hit full swing.  Erica has been at her camp job a week today.  She called yesterday and was proud to have received her first real paycheck.  I have to say it was far better than any I got at her age!  She is working hard she is in charge of the kitchen dishwashing and the volunteers there and is the only lifeguard.  She is working 14 hours some days but is still thrilled to be working at a place she loves.

I have been on the road in the truck with beloved this week.  It sure has it's challenges.  We miss when he had a truck with a top bunk storage isour biggest challenge.  Meal times are also tough it isn't easy cooking in such a cramped space.  Tonight we are having roast with fried potatoes and carrots and homemade roast mushroom gravy.  We are sitting in a dock right now hoping to get unloaded soon.  I may have to spend less time than I planned on the truck this summer as my fibromyalgia is killing me.  I plan to spend as much time as my body will allow though.  Beloved jst checked and they are to unload our tomatos soon.  Then we have to go back to St. Louis and bring a load to Springfield Ohio to deliver Monday morning.  We are hoping for a night or two at home then.   Also need to get a quick peek at the truck in St. Louis at the terminal.  It is supposed to idle above 80 degrees so we can run the air conditioner, but it is 95 right now and keeps shutting down we need that fixed.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow is the big day for Erica.  She is leaving for her summer job at church camp.  It is no different than last  year really except that last year she volunteered for three weeks, came home for a week and went to a travel camp with them to Canada and then she came home for a week and went back for another travel camp session.  This year though she decided to skip any camp sessions and work all summer since they are paying her!  She will have plenty of fun no doubt.  She will be life guarding the pool and helping in the kitchen a bit.  She will likely be able to do a few fun activities and then will be invited to "vespers" every night.  That is when all the campers get together for Biblical activities for the evening.  It often includes movies and sometimes some skits or such.  It is really just an evening worship time, but never boring, it is camp after all!  Last year she went as an older youth guide with one of the younger camp groups canoeing.  It is highly likely that she will be able to do some activities like that this year.  She is all packed and ready, has the car mostly loaded and would gladly leave tonight I am sure.  She was to get there Monday, however she got called in early as they needed a lifeguard this weekend for a retreat.  Since today was the last day of school, it was no issue for her to head out, she is happy to do it.  I on the other hand would be happy if she would have a couple more days at home.  I will though go down and visit her a time or two over the summer and I know I will talk to her on the phone.

I will now be spending more time with beloved on the truck.  We plan to take some longer haul loads and see a little more than usual.  We plan to get a couple of loads to Wichita, Kansas.  That is home to us and we hope to get a couple of 34 hour restarts there to visit friends and family.  We haven't been back since we moved to Ohio in early 2006, so it will be great to visit.