Friday, November 27, 2009

Nightly Devotions

We have started a wonderful new thing in our home. Beloved is now leading us in daily devotions in the evening. It only takes a little bit of time, but it gives us a chance to study the scripture together. It is awesomely wonderful to have that little bit of family time with God. Afterward each evening, Erica haws been working on her Bible Study worksheets she seems to really be enjoying them and next time I get to the Christian bookstore, I will buy her some more so she doesn't run out.

Beloved and I may go hide in our room later and dig out the Christmas gifts. That is always fun. The kids will each get three gifts and a stocking. Stockings here are filled with things we need such as socks and underwear maybe one fun thing and a tiny bit of candy. This year the candy is different flavors of candy corn bought after Halloween at 90% off. They know the drill, it saves money and that is important and they get so little candy from us that any candy is special. Erica is getting a scarf I crocheted for her in her stocking this year as well. I hope she hasn't found my blog yet lol. The three gifts are our way of cutting down the excess they used to get from us and trying to turn Christmas more about Christ. Yes we love to give (sometimes to much) but really, enough is enough. And I am doing many handmade gifts this year. Zach is getting a lot of clothes (I found him lots of his favorite brand jeans at the thrift store) and he is getting some shoes and one other gift I won't mention here (don't want to spoil the punch if he reads this blog).

Thanksgiving being over, I am still feeling very thankful for all the wonderful things God as blessed me with. And I am ready as Christmas approaches to share those blessings with others.

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