Monday, August 31, 2009

A month with no grocery shopping

That is the goal for September. I have a large stockpile, built up from using coupons. But with Beloved looking for a new job, and we know it will most likely mean a move out of state, I can't shop this month except for the most basic items such as milk, eggs, flour and such. Don't get me wrong, we have more than enough food and the garden is still producing some items and tons of tomatoes, but I love to grocery shop. I used to hate it, but it is so easy with the list I use matching coupons to sales, and it is so much fun going in and buying my groceries for pennies on the dollar. A couple weeks ago, I spent $50 and saved $178. It is just so darn much fun that I can't bear to think of not shopping! But I have no choice I guess I really can't afford to pay to move food I can get for much cheaper than moving it. So, for the next month or so I need to find a new hobby. Of course I could use the time purging this house of things we no longer use or need, but that just isn't as much fun now is it? I guess I need to pray that God will give me the energy and desire to do that, because I am not going to get it by my own power!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Well it is Friday

And that means I have to head to town for a few supplies. I am sure I will be stopping at Mcdonalds while I am there for a $1 coke! I am going to take my free chocolate coupon with me. I signed up for another one and will be getting it online. Nothing says calming relief like chocolate! Of course I hate going to town because that means we are spending money. But if I want to save some money, and save my goodies from the garden, I have to have canning jars. I can't believe I am out I purchased six more cases earlier this summer! That means I have done a ton of canning. Anyway if you want some free chocolate, I found it here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well beloved is on his way to Texas

He had two phone interviews today. And within a couple hours after the first one, the recruiter called him back and told him they want to fly him to TX next week for an in person interview. Now this does not mean they will offer him a job, or even if they do that the offer will be something we can consider. But it does mean they are very interested in him. So it appears that God is working on our prayers of him finding a new job before we get to desperate. I never imagined myself in Texas, I have nothing against Texas, I just never thought of myself living there! We are very excited to see things happening for him though. I can say this, whoever gets him is getting a great employee! I will miss him next week for the couple of days he will be gone, but I will also be very happy to have him home when he returns!

Monday, August 24, 2009

So hoping to get some structure in my days

I am horrible about structuring my days. I am going to try really hard the next couple of weeks to just figure out what all I really need to get done each day and then find a way to structure myself. With my Fibro, I am pretty slow some days when I have a bad day. I really think if I structured myself better, I really could still get everything done that I needed to get done. It is just really a matter of getting it all worked out. So I am going to be visiting Flylady to try to get my binder going. And may mix in with that a bit of Motivated Moms. Really I just need the cleaning and cooking structured out! I am so hoping that in the next couple of weeks that I can have a good plan!

This coming Sunday, is the church picnic after Sunday morning services. I am going to take dinner rolls I think. I also plan to take cinnamon rolls in before the service for the breakfast fellowship. It is so wonderful to have found a church home where we feel like we fit in so well!

Erica is doing good at school so far this year. She got to ride her bike today for the first time. She loved it! She loves the new privileges she has been getting. She knows as long as her behavior is good she earns these things. She also knows that we watch her very closely! She has also been very good so far this year about getting stuff ready for her lunchbox the night before. Tomorrow, she is taking chicken nuggets out of our Angel Food box. She is also taking some fruit, some BBQ sauce for her nuggets and some dessert! I have been so pleased with the angel food. This was my second month getting it and I really wish I had gotten two boxes this month.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally a day with no rain

It finally quit raining in my little part of the world. Good thing because I have laundry all backed up. In fact, I had to use the dryer the other day because I had to have the kitchen towels washed. Today is now a day of just keeping the washer loaded and running. Just in time, because I need my dresses washed for church Sunday!

Yesterday I started making my first Christmas gift. I am making Erica a lap quilt out of her old clothes. I am doing a nine patch pattern. I decided to go with a lap quilt for when it is chilly this winter she can carry it around to use it. We keep the heat low as to keep the bill down. I think she will be thrilled when she gets it. Some of her favorite outgrown clothes are in there!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A game of tag

Ok, this was started on a blog I love to read, Our Plain and Simple Life. She started a tag game where she told about herself and tagged the next person to do the same! So if you are hear and read this, leave me a comment saying so and then go to her blog and do the the same and leave an about you on your blog!

1. I have a certificate in accounting but don't use it for anything but home finances, I love being a SAHM!
2. I have two children an 18 year old son in college but still living at home, and an 11 year old girl in fifth grade.
3. My favorite color has always been pink, but now I am starting to fall in love with peachy colors.
4. I am extremely frugal and love using coupons to get things we need free or nearly free. I have a favorite site to help me make couponing easy HERE.
5. I love living the simple life making my own bread and laundry soap and such.
6. I see my job as the wife and homemaker to be saving as much of the money that beloved earns as possible and taking very good care of my family in a frugal and simple manner.
7. I only wear dresses these days and very often wear a head covering.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Homemade tamales

Well today I made the tamales that beloved had asked for for our anniversary. They turned out pretty good, but I did let the steamer go dry and talk about an awful smell. Luckily the tamales were ok, I was about to cry over the whole thing really. But beloved was happy, so I am also. I made one steamer basket, but that was quite a few and since I don't care for them at all, I am freezing the rest of the meat and canning the rest of the meat broth and will make him some more the other day. The kids tasted them, and they didn't love or hate them.

I canned 7.5 quarts of tomatoes today and a pint of tomato juice that was the end of the pan of stewed tomatoes. Didn't see throwing it out. I still don't have nearly enough tomatoes canned for winter. I might have to buy some more from the roadside stand. My garden just isn't big enough to plant enough for winter. I hope that when beloved finds a job and we move, we can find a place to rent with a bigger garden. A farmhouse would be great. I would so love to get some hens for fresh eggs. But we shall see where God sends us and what we find there.

Tomorrow is a busy day of church in the morning, and then the ice cream social at church in the evening. Erica is thrilled about the ice cream social. Ice cream is a real treat for us. She is going to be overjoyed when we get our free gallon from Schwans. Of course I have not told her that is coming yet. It should be here Monday. Oh if you want free ice cream (or something else free) from Schwans, you can follow this link for the details. It is where I got it! LINK TO FREE SCHWANS

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We had our anniversary date

Our ninth anniversary was Tuesday. So wonderful to have such a great husband! We waited until tonight to go out because we wanted to go to our favorite place for half price appetizers. We order a couple and make a meal of them. We had a great evening together. When I asked him last week what he wanted for our anniversary he told me he wanted homemade tamales. I have never made them before, but they look easy enough. I found a recipe online and went to buy the items. But in this little area, I couldn't find the corn husks anywhere. I had to order them online, and got them yesterday so this weekend I will be making those for him. He really is so easy to please.

This week has been filled with back to school activities. I took Erica to the thrift store for clothes and got some great deals on half price day Wednesday! She is all ready to go now. Tomorrow night, she has movie night at church for the end of summer activity. I will likely let her go to the pool tomorrow as well, as the pool will be closing soon. I sure hope things slow down soon, I am tired! Zach finished his first session in college, and is preparing for next session that starts in about a month. Seems like just yesterday he graduated and here he is, just blowing right through college. I do think this session was a little shorter though being summer and all, but am not really sure. We will see what his fall session looks like I guess.

Beloved has his first job interview Monday. It is a phone interview with a company in another state. Of course we already knew that we would be having to look elsewhere because there are just no jobs around here to be had at all. Please keep him in your prayers that he finds the right fit soon!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It felt good to get back to church

I have not gone to church in a very long time, mostly because I have just felt very judged in so many of them. I have never had "fancy" clothing and have not seen the point. I finally decided to get off my duff and look for a church again. I am so glad I did. Tonight we went to Sunday night bible study. It was great and the people are friendly. I am almost sad that there is no bible study next Sunday evening, because there is music and an ice cream social. We will go to that and enjoy the fellowship, but I am looking forward to bible study again the following week.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Frugal challenge!

Wow, I am amazed at the number of the blogs that I read have us all struggling, yet somehow keeping our families heads above water so to speak. I thought a frugal challenge was in order to share ideas and recipes and such. Tonight I am making a frugal meal of goulash with dried beans that I have cooking right now, some canned hamburger I got super cheap and tomatoes from the garden that I would otherwise be canning today. The pasta I put in it came super cheap using coupons. Throwing that with some homemade dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls for dessert. After all that, it finally quit raining so I have laundry hanging out on the line today. What a good time to be blessed with being frugal.

Beloved had a meeting today about his unemployment. The gal has worked with several of the people that worked at his company and has been laid off. So many of them are so over their heads in debt. They made very good money there, but many of them spent way more than they made, meaning that right now on unemployment they can't keep up with the payments. He knew the situations of many of them before hand and knew it would be very hard for them. I am so thankful that DH followed my lead in frugality so that even though times are tough, we know we are so much better off than many. Some people may laugh at the most frugal among us, and many of them just don't get us at all, but in the end we know that we are doing the right thing!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tough times never last

Is what I keep telling myself right now. Due to a huge misunderstanding on Beloved's unemployment, we will be going two weeks without a check for him. I had not planned on that. When we get it, it will be a two week check, and then they will all come like that. But since I had not planned for that, there is no money for a bit. Now with our stockpile of food, we will be ok, but we won't like it very much at all. I will be making all of our own bread, where before we bought sandwich bread and made the rest. And we may go without milk except for powdered, but that will be ok it is fine to cook with, they just don't care to drink it. I am so glad that I have been using the coupons, and have a stockpile. God really does carry us when we need it, trust me I know he is carrying us now. Not to mention that three of the four of us have been to the doctor this week, and Erica may have asthma and has to go back on Friday. More bills to pay, but I am sure that it will all work out. I will for sure take any extra prayers offered to get us past this tough time and those for my sweet girl that hopefully she does not have long term asthma. I am really hoping it was part of a cold and will soon be gone.

If anyone has a recipe for sandwich bread that makes a great sandwich, I would love for you to post it. I have tried many recipes and not found the one my family likes for sandwiches. They love homemade bread, but also love sandwiches. Beloved would eat an egg sandwich every morning I think.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just came back from camping

We were supposed to be gone two weeks, but it has been very rainy in Ohio and we just were not having very much fun. We decided to use our last week of vacation here at home and hopefully will enjoy that just as much! Tonight we are going out to dinner! That is a real treat let me tell you. Erica had a great time swimming and such, and outgrew part of her fear of the water and now goes off diving boards! I am so happy to see her not panic so much. We met some really nice people and we hope to stay in contact with some of them. For now though, I am hungry and I am going to get ready to go out to dinner!