Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is hear for sure

The weather is brisk and cook it is wonderful. All except they are talking about freeze warnings and I still have green tomatoes on the vine. I hope they make it. The freeze warning is not for us yet tonight, but is very close to us. I have canned quite a few tomatoes, but I can always use more. We never have enough tomatoes around here.

My son had a moment of genius and I am so proud of him. His laptop died and I was hoping he could fix it for travel since it is the smallest in the house. After he bought him a new one, he decided since he does some tech work on them that it would cost more than it was worth to fix and we should replace it. He found a small one on Dell outlet for around $200, and has parted out and been selling on Ebay the good parts of the old one. He has made up half the cost of the new one! That may actually make it affordable for us. It would be a shared one, used by any of us traveling. But with my work Christmas party coming up in December that the company flies all the family out to, I am really hoping to have a small one to take. Lugging a big heavy laptop through the airports is no fun that is for sure. And, I have to take one as I have to work for one or two hours from the party. But it will still be a great time.

In the sewing basket, I think I have given up knitting and taken up crochet. The knitting hurts my hands (carpel tunnel) very badly. I have been trying the crochet and finished one dishcloth and it doesn't hurt nearly as bad. I hope to have some nice dishcloths made up for the gift exchange at my company Christmas Party!

In the dehydrator right now, I have the parsley and hope it is done by later tonight. Soon, I will be starting beef jerky as my son loves it so much and likes some in his Christmas stocking each year. It is so expensive to buy. And I may make extra just to have around for emergencies. They say it makes a great stew! Guess we will be finding out one of these days. If it does, that will be a great food storage item.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brrr the nights are getting chilly

I am starting to think that fall is really here. I went out to the garden today and picked some basil and bell peppers and put them in the dehydrator. I love being able to save garden things for the winter. My beloved had the dehydrator before we got married, but I never really used it much until I started gardening. Now i use it quite often. He had gotten it only to use for beef jerky. I plan to make my son some of that for Christmas, but right now it is humming with garden goodies. Last week I filled it with parsley and sent it to a neighbor and I still have another large load of parsley to do again for our home. I have already done some throughout the summer and we use a lot of it, so doing some more is always a good thing. Tonight I am making a breakfast dinner of pancakes, eggs and bacon.

In the sewing basket, I finished my first knitted dishcloth. With a lot of mistakes and not tightly enough stitched but it works well enough for a dishcloth and a first try where I am teaching myself. The next one is started.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What a great way to share Christ

A fellow blogger has a daughter getting married! She is trying to win a new washer and dryer as a wedding gift, but needs lots of comments to her blog about it to do so. So I thought it would be great to help her out. Go on over and read the post "where is the heart of your home" and be sure to comment about the heart of your home! Lets help her give an awesome wedding gift to her wonderful daughter! LINK

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Anyone knit? I am trying to teach myself how. I figure starting with dishcloths should be the way to go. Not sure if I will have success or even if my carpel tunnel will allow me to take on knitting. But I will sure take any hints and tricks anyone has for me. I don't even know why I decided to try. Just decided it was the thing to do I guess lol.

It is a rainy dreary day here in Ohio. Really the kind of day to stay cuddled up in bed all day, but for sure I don't have time for that. Nice thought though to do that while I read my chicken soup book! Other than that, I have dough rising for bread to go with dinner tonight. Ever noticed how the dough is just a mess on rainy humid days? No real way around that I guess, but it is rising now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School bullies and sewing basket

I am so upset with my dealings with the school the last few days. Last Friday, a boy that has been picking on my daughter grabbed her bike while it was still hooked to the bike rack and threw it down and broke it. So yesterday I got a hold of the principal as she was gone Friday by the time DD got home crying. This I think is a major bulling event. So within an hour of my call, the principal washed her hands of it and passed it to the counselor. Right now, my DD seems to be the only one being disciplined, because her bike is broke and she can't ride it at all. The school has done no discipline at all. I know this is yet another reason why I should home school. I am just so afraid of the beast of government to do it. I really fear they will take my child or charge me with a crime for trying. So today I called the Superintendent and made sure he knew the situation and made him aware that I was not going to lay down and let this continue and I do want something done. Please keep your prayers with us in this situation.

In the sewing basket, I just finished off the quilt that I made Erica for Christmas so one gift down. I do need to still put the ties on it, but that will be some quick evening work after she goes to bed. It has some flaws in it that I really wish were not there, but it is made out of her old clothing and some of them were just far to stretchy for a quilt really. But I did back it with her favorite color. I found her favorite lime green in a flannel sheet at the thrift store. Cost of her quilt total? Around $10. Not bad. I know she will love it this winter when it is chilly to cuddle up with on the sofa in the evenings. She also wants a snuggie blanket, you know the ones the kind you wear. I price the pattern and materials for one and find it will be just as cheap to buy one. Of course, I don't think the quality of materials will be as good, so I am still thinking it over. Basically, it would be easy enough to make, it is just really a backwards robe when you think about it lol.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are splurging this weekend

Last night was Saturday and we decided to go out for pizza! We don't go out often at all and even less now that beloved is unemployed. It was really nice to get out for awhile. While we were out I did something that I rarely do. I paid full price for pot pies for dinner tonight. Beloved and I were craving them something awful. I normally do not pay full price for much of anything at the grocery store, because I use coupons and stockpile things. Really it hurts to pay full price at all. But I guess if I am going to scrimp and save all the time, it is ok to pay full price once in awhile right? I hope so lol. Even though I do feel kinda bad about it right now, because I feel it is my job to save. And, I have to admit I just can't seem to make a pot pie that I like nearly as much as the little cheap ones from the store. Only they are not really cheap anymore. When I was a kid, we ate them because they were cheap. Now they really are kinda expensive when you think about it. Here is the site I use for my couponing, it is great for helping me find deals and keeping me organized.

We had a great church service this morning. It was about the Prodigal son. But more about the off message of it. Sure it is a great story, but today's was about choices and how we make them. And even about sometimes we really mess them up. Then we have to make a choice to stay going in the wrong direction or correct our course and do what is sometimes harder and correct our choice. It really was a good sermon and made me look at the story differently. Pastor brought up a great thought about how it is always so much easier to take the road of sin than to stay on God's road, but how he is always patient and waiting for us. Tonight at Bible Study, we will be still working in Ephesians. I am so glad we finally found a church that we really like!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do your children need a new fall wardrobe? And trip to the thrift store

I normally do everything at the thrift store, and my DD is getting to big for the site, but this post caught my eye for people who need clothing for the young ones. Looks like a great sale and even better when combined with the coupon code. So here you go, my gift for you today!

I ran to the thrift store today. I needed a new loaf pan since I broke one of my glass ones yesterday. True to anytime I really need something from there, they had only one loaf pan, and it was metal. I really prefer the glass, but hey I can't break metal so maybe that is better? I also got myself a new head covering. I am always looking for a new head covering. Usually I pay around $1 for them there, so I can afford the spurge lol. And my loaf pans there are always under $1 so that is the first place I head for them. I looked for a new pair of shoes there for my son, but didn't find him any. He is needing some and has finally learned to tell his mother before he is desperate so she can hunt down a great price.

Getting more frugal every day

Today I did something that really surprised my DH. We had quite a few leftovers in the fridge, and also had some hot dogs in case there was not enough. I didn't have any hot dog buns. So I told beloved no biggie I would make some. Now I have to tell you at first he was not exactly all for the idea. But after they were done, he said they were really pretty good! He said he was surprised I did such a good job on them. Now I have to admit, when he said that I felt a little put down, but he was being honest, and part of marriage is honesty so I guess I shouldn't feel offended over his honesty now should I? Anyway. They were just the right length (I tried to make them all about six inches) and I only cut what we used, because I figure they will dry out much faster if there are leftover after they are cut. So here is the recipe I used on the Allrecipes site. I printed to put in my home management binder, that is still a work in progress, but as I add my successful recipes to it, it will fill up quickly!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sometimes it is hard

It is so hard sometimes to stand with what we believe. One of the message boards I frequent had a thread about the Amish and simpler way of living. I posted that I love our simple life and hope it gets even more so. Right away, I became a child abuser, because I expect my DD to help with laundry and cooking and such. Yes, I need the help but more than that, she needs to learn and I find it my job to teach her. It was suggested, that by giving our children chores and not signing them up for all the activities around that we are mistreating them. I so wish people didn't see it that way. I do send my DD to public school and am constantly wondering if I should but I see myself as the first and most important teacher she will ever have. I felt so judged after reading that, but I have to remember that I am doing what God calls me to do and raise her up properly. Sometimes the blogs I follow help keep me lifted in these things, because that is the only place I get to "chat" with other women who believe like I do. If any of you readers fight the same issues, lets talk about it. How do we overcome these ideas?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Limbo anyone?

Really I just want out of the Limbo game! We are still awaiting the results of last weeks job interviews that my beloved went on. They would both require a move, of course any job he gets will there is just nothing around here for him really. The waiting is such a hard thing. When life as you know it is in the balance and there is so much work to do if we move. It just isn't easy not having a true answer to where life is going. There are things I need to stockpile for the winter months ahead if we are going to be in Ohio, but they are things that I don't want to move. Of course if neither of these jobs pan out, it will just be another job later that puts us in this spot. We are trying very hard to keep all of our faith in God and remember that we will end up where HE wants us and we have so little to do with it.

I am dreaming of a life off grid someday. Of course I would need some power if I am to keep my little part-time online job, so I would have to have some power source. Meaning, that we will have to own our own home again someday for that to happen. Right now we are a long ways from that. But I guess I can dream right? For now it is still just a dream but maybe someday it will be a reality for me.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beloved is in Texas

At his job interview. Well that would be over by now, and he should be working his way flying back to Columbus. He will stay the night there and then go to Kansas City tomorrow for his interview there. I can't wait to hear how today's went, but I know he will call first chance he gets. And he will have to let me know where he is staying tonight as well later so I can call him at the hotel from home, it is free that way. Well almost anyway.

I have been using the day today while he is gone to get some home things caught up and do some cleaning and purging. I haven't gotten it near all done, but baby steps as flylady would say. I am working on my home management binder, and it is coming along nicely I think I am really going to like it, and I think it will be a huge time saver. Just typing up a daily routine to help me stay on track is going to help very much I think. Like not forgetting until I am ready to make dinner that the day has gotten away and I have not started to make any bread yet! I am curious what everyone else keeps in their binder. Mine is very much a work in progress.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

He is really going this time

Beloved was supposed to go last week to Texas for a job interview. It ended up getting pushed back to this week. As it works out now, he is leaving tomorrow morning and will be flying down there and be flying back Thursday evening. Then Friday, he has a flight to the Kansas City area for a job interview there. So he will be spending Thursday evening in Columbus so he doesn't have to drive a round trip there again and he can get some rest. I really hope he has some luck, this no job thing is wearing on us both. But he has been working so hard on looking. I dread the move, but one has to do what one has to do. We will miss him I know, but hopefully it will not be in vain. In the meantime I will be mom and dad! Oh joy I am not looking forward to it, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? We are both accepting prayers right now!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I don't think Obama will ever quit

So I am hearing more and more now that Obama will be televised to the schools next Tuesday. I have an email into my daughters teacher, if that is the case at her school she will not be going. Rumor has it that they have changed some of the wording that the Dept. of Education sent out for this event from "How can you help the President?". Nice. As if it isn't bad enough that I have to turn off the TV all the time to get him out of my house, now he is going into the schools? Anyone else feel like they are hearing some of the same things they tell us Hitler did? This man really does scare me. What are we to do? I really hope that when the next election hits that our country is not to far gone to save. Think I am overreacting? Would you want your first grader to see this video? Sadly some have. If they are passing this around what will it be next? Think it looks innocent enough? Listen to the last line or so very closely. I for one do not want my children to be "a servant to our President". I want my children to serve only God.