Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today's Apron is for sale!

On Ebay! HERE
I really wasn't sure about doing it, but I decided what the heck I might as well give it a shot!

Today's Apron

So I thought I may try to see some of the aprons I come up with. I don't have an outlet yet though, as my little village only has one consignment store and they said that aprons didn't sell well last time they had them. Of course they were not so cute! So here is today's made from a skirt apron! It was pretty breezy here today so it was blowing in the breeze lol.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remake that dress

Into an apron! Don't throw out that dress that you no longer like or no longer fits! Make a bib apron. They are not hard! Here is one I did! I cut the top from the bottom of the dress. Then I cut the sleeves off and I cut the back off of the front of the top. I cut the middle seam apart on the back of the bottom. From there I cut a strip off each side of the back of the skirt. I sewed the top and bottom strip where the buttons are, so they would stay together. I put gathers in the bottom, and hems on all the raw edges. From there I sewed the top back onto the bottom. I used scrap from the skirt for the neck piece. I used scrap from another old dress for the ties and ruffle on the bottom. I now had, yes I used the word had a new bib apron. Had because Beloved stated it would make a great gift. So off to the gift pile it goes lol. These can be made with skirts as well, of course they won't have the bibs on them. :lease excuse my appearance in the pics lol. Not only is it late at night, but I didn't even leave the house today. That made it a pretty productive day!



Friday, March 26, 2010

Need your help with canning jar lids!!!

I am looking to save a little money I hope and buy my canning jar lids in bulk. For those of you who find them this way, where is your best price?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another just gotta try moment

For the first time ever, I cut Beloved's hair! I have done mine and Erica's a few times, but never a man's. So he needed a new electric razor and I opted to buy a set with hair clippers and the attachments also to save some money on his hair cuts. His cuts are always around $10 so it will pay for itself in a couple months, because he needs them so often. I did get it a little to short, so I got on Amazon today and ordered the two next size attachments. The biggest will give him another half inch and that should be about perfect! The good news is, that he said I could continue doing it so that is a good thing! So go ahead everyone, keep trying new things that are more frugal and will save some money!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The key is

Not being afraid to try!!! Really how many things do we want to do and talk ourselves out of it because we don't know how or are just unsure of ourselves? And today more than ever with the internet we have so many ways to learn new things! My mother was a wonderful seamstress. Whenever I needed a nice dress in a hurry (the woman could literally whip them up in an evening) she was there. If I found a great dress at a yard sale or consignment shop or thrift store and didn't like the way it fit? Yep good old mom was there to fix it. So today at the thrift store I found a skirt that I fell in love with the fabric of. Way to big. I was surprised, because many of the things I fall in love with are way to small LOL! I thought about tucking it back on the rack and deciding I just can't ever buy the stuff I love. Then I reminded myself how much I have been working on my sewing and there is no time like the present to learn something new! So I decided to bring it home and if it didn't work out at all, I could make it into a nice apron or two or maybe even use it in a quilt. Well I brought it home and started looking at it, and it has one back seam! A thirty minute alteration and a skirt I love just because I decided to try! So don't talk yourself out of things, give it a shot. I have a skirt I love for $3! I could not have bought material for that price.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Planting your salad

It is time in most areas to plant your salad! Lettuce, spinach, carrots and radishes should be going in the ground now in most areas. And broccoli as well in many more! Don't forget to leave room for a second planting in a month of so. Properly spaced in time (4-6 weeks between plantings), you will have free salad all summer!!! All of these are wonderful plants for container gardens if you have little space or little time to care for ground gardens! New to gardening? That is fine also, all of these are very beginner friendly! Money saving tip here? Don't buy your seeds at the big box store in the packets. The nursery sells them in bulk much cheaper! Get the kids involved a great science and biology project that they can really sink their teeth into!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't bake "just enough" poatoes!

When baking potatoes, fill your oven! Save some time and energy for tomorrow night. Leftover potatoes are great for many things. Twice baked potatoes, potato skins, sliced for fried potatoes (Beloved's favorite). When making dinner for tonight, let it help you make dinner for tomorrow night. Potatoes are not only cheap, but very good for you.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Frugal Sunday pot roast is tomorrow night's beef stew

We love roast here, but it can be expensive. Of course we try to buy it on sale. But then if you eat it like many people, it takes a huge roast to feed the family. There are more frugal ways to eat roast beef! So for Sunday night dinner, I start a large roast in the crock pot on Sunday morning before church. Season as you wish and slow cook all day. For dinner, pull out the roast and make broth into gravy (may have to pour it into a pan for this, it needs to boil to thicken). Cut your roast in 1/2s or 1/3 depending on size. Chip your half roast and add it to gravy. Serve over bread as an open faced sandwich. Leftovers of this can now be turned into beef stew tomorrow night! If needed tomorrow, you can add some more roast and beef broth to make enough stew. Any leftover roast you have saved back now can be used for tacos, chili or a casserole. Making one roast last two or three dinners for a family of four! Your otherwise expensive roast has now become cheap eats!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coupons really can save you money?

So many people think that coupons can't save them money. They think that coupons are for things they never buy (junk food and processed foods) and/or generic brands are cheaper. Well I never get generic brands for free, and I do get name brand for free quite often. Today, I got free tuna. Not junk food! Ok, pre processed, but then all tuna is. And, it is a staple around here. That was just my most recent free purchase. Shampoo, conditioner, lots of other things that I get either free or nearly free. If you don't coupon, I highly suggest checking it out. A great frugal tool to add to your bag to help the family budget! This message board is a great place to learn more about couponing and if you sign up for the website they help with lists to put your coupons with the sales. The message board is free, and the lists come with a four week free trial! I have used it for almost four years now and it has saved me tons!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hamburger Helper from scratch

I found this awesome blog. She has worked really hard getting these recipes ready. I have tried one, and it was much better than that yucky stuff from the box. I am sure it is much more healthy as well. Good thing, because I like having something on hand for a quick dinner from time to time, but can't stand the taste of that nasty box stuff! And for most of us, we have everything on hand in food storage to do it. I will admit, I keep powdered cheese in the food storage and since I find it much cheaper, I did use some of it along with my shredded cheese. That made it a little more budget friendly.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finally dry outside

The last few days I have been able to hang laundry! And today, God blessed us with lots of sun! It is so nice to see some sun again. And even nicer to be drying laundry outside. The electric bill has run away with my sanity the last two months of having to use the dryer. I am so thrilled to be back hanging dry. I can now tell you with complete certainty, that hanging the laundry outside does save money. For the last three years, I have only used my dryer when I have really had to, and the last two months that has been about every load. I wondered if it really made a big difference in the bill and now I have my answer. So if you are looking for a place to trim the budget, that is a quick easy place to start.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This job search is dragging on far to long

Beloved talked to the people at the company in Nebraska again today. Turns out he is still high on their list, but they are afraid to bring someone in from so far because they have been burned before. Beloved was so impressed by this company and really thinks they are a perfect fit for him. He told them we could make the move without a moving allowance. Yes, that would be much harder for us, but we could make it work and would at this point for this job. Not many jobs we could say that about! He also explained to them that Nebraska would be a great place for us to live, as the kids could see the grandparents and their Uncle more often. We have no plans of ever moving back to Kansas, so Nebraska would be great. He told the guy he would happily sign a contract, but they said they didn't think that was fair to Beloved. Beloved thinks it would but his opinion is not the one that matters the most! Please keep us in your prayers on this, we really think this is the job for Beloved, we hope that God will help them to see that also. They say they hope to decide within a couple more weeks. I am hoping for sooner rather than later of course.