Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer is here

It is hot and humid in Southern Ohio. But I refuse to turn the air on yet. We just can't afford to run it all summer and I save it for the hottest days in August. We are having nice things happen in the garden though. I have broccoli about ready, the potatoes are blooming, I have baby tomatoes and baby squash. I get hungry just looking at it all. I do wish I had an idea how we are going to keep the garden for the church outreach water. It was late, but we have gotten it planted but we have no water supply. One of the elders was supposed to check about turning the water on the lot on, but I have not heard anything and it needs water bad. We have had a little rain, but not nearly enough. They are calling for rain tomorrow, so I really hope we get some.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So busy with outreach but loving it And a free chicken sandwich for you!

I have been so busy with our church food pantry outreach, but I have been really loving it. I am getting ready to do a coupon class at church that will not only help our members, but hopefully help them to help the outreach a little more! They are great about helping, but it is great to teach people new skills.

A few of us finally got most of the garden planted over the last couple days for the outreach. It took a long time to find someone to plow it but now that is done and we are late in planting, but it should be ok. What we are really worried about is water. There is no water on the lot where we have the garden and it isn't tiny by any means. So we are still looking for a way. We did get a little rain this evening, and are very thankful for that! We are really hoping to get plenty of fresh veggies for the people we provide food to, as so many low income people just don't eat that healthy at all. They try to eat cheap but that means they end up eating junk and not food. I really hope that our garden does well for them.

Out of the home garden, we are eating lettuce, radishes, green onions and herbs. I have also dried some herbs. Broccoli will be ready very soon! The cabbage is getting heads on it and the potatoes are blooming as are the tomatoes. Our little hanging tomato plants have small tomatoes on them, we are hoping some turn red soon, they will be a welcome addition to our salads!

Here is a LINK for a free chicken sandwich. I am not sure how long the deal will last but for those of us who are frugal and don't eat out much, it is a treat for sure!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I really do love helping others BUT....

This sitution is driving me crazy. I really do love to help others, but not when people are A. greedy. And B. Won't do a darn thing to help themselves. Such is with one "friend" who goes to my church. Her hubby is verbally abusive to her, and I know that full well. However she won't do anything about that situation. And he does work under the table, but won't give her any money for the household. She knew these things when she married him, so I guess I shouldn't feel really sorry. But I have and have tried to help her by giving her groceries and such. She now has started helping at our church food pantry outreach. But the past few months when she has helped, it has come to show that she does helps to get extra. Such as this week when she took a whole case of donated dog food, since we are now trying to give pet food when we can. I mean really, everyone that wanted some this week got some, including her and she walked out with an extra case of it. Not to mention that the seasoning salt I gave her a pound container of and she found I was getting some small ones for free and had the nerve to ask. I don't know what one does when their wagon is hitched to such a horse. And I know it isn't Godly for me to judge. But then again, is it Godly for me to enable a person to stay in such a situation with their life? I really don't know but I am feeling pretty discouraged right now. I have moved my donation box, as a couple times a month she comes over to help herself looking through it. It won't be so easy to access now, she can get it at the same time everyone else at the outreach does! I hope I fell better about this one soon!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nice treat on a hot day!

Get a free drink while you are out and about! They look yummy but I haven't had one yet.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy day

Had a very busy day as I had to drive to Dayton to go to the dermatologist because my doctor wanted a spot removed. The awesome news is that once she looked at it, she said no problem it isn't dangerous. But she did go ahead and remove it for me and of course is sending it to the lab because they do that with everything. But I was so glad to find out it really was nothing!

While I was there I ventured into Whole Foods. My first time ever! I had been wanting to get there for the bulk bins. I loved them and bought several things. My favorite, the mung beans for bean sprouts. I have a very hard time getting them here, basically have to drive to town or mail order and they were much cheaper than what I had been getting. In fact, bean sprouts have been pretty cost prohibitive. I bought two pounds, that should last me a long while. They have some other things such as quiona (ok I am sure I didn't spell that correctly) that I would like to experiment with one of these days, but I didn't buy any yet since I have no idea what to do with it.

The strange point of the day was that as we were leaving the doctors office, I stopped to use the restroom. A lady asked beloved what religion we are. When he told her, she asked what is with the head covering. He told her "that is what she believes in". I wish she would have asked me, I would have given a better answer lol. It is funny that is the best answer he had when so many people are sure he forces me to wear it lol.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two job interviews

It seems it is feast or famine on the job hunt for Beloved. It goes days or weeks hearing nothing, then boom the phone won't quit ringing. This week has been the ringer! So he has one interview here in Ohio tomorrow and another one next week in Oklahoma! Of course an interview does not equal a job, but no interviews sure equals no job! And to make it past the phone interview to an in person one is always a good step in the right direction!

Homeschoolers and all other readers who want the kids to read this summer!

Reading is good for our kids we all know that, but books are pricey. There are a couple of programs where they can read books from the library and earn a couple free books to keep! Just follow the links!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who are my readers?

I know you are here! But I don't know who you are. So please post and introduce yourself!

Monday, May 10, 2010

FREE BATTERIES!!!! And FREE Disney music downloads!

Some areas can get free batteries! Details HERE.

And there are FREE Disney music downloads HERE. Happy downloading!

Why would anyone choose the simple life?

I know people wonder this. And I know that looking from the outside in, it appears that the simple life is nothing but work! But honestly I see it differently. It really is an enjoyable life. Am I dirt poor? Not really I have seen much worth days. Am I rich? Far from it. More like just getting by week to week. But I don't mind "getting by". I feel very blessed to be "getting by".

But living simply is fun to me. Growing my garden, watching it grow and knowing that I am helping it along! Making my own laundry soap, knowing for a fact I am saving a little bit of money. Money that helps us get by. Hanging my laundry on the line to let God's natural and free energy do the drying instead of paying the utility company for the power! Using coupons to not only stretch my food dollars, but at the same time be able to give so much to the church food pantry to help others. Giving to others, now that is fun! And so is grocery shopping when you can go into the store and buy $100 worth of stuff for $11 and give it all to the food pantry! Then there are the handmade gifts! I love making them in my idle time. And I have found that people love getting them just as much!

So why would I choose the simple life? It isn't just a "job" I enjoy it! I love every second of it. I get to not sweat the small stuff. I get to enjoy my time with my family instead of working outside the house in the "daily grind". I get to fulfill what I think is truly God's calling for me. Do I have reason to enjoy that? Darn right I do!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taco soup

I used the recipe tonight from Hillbilly Housewife for her Taco soup. I am low on meat this week, so I cooked up a one pound bag of black beans to put in it. I also used a small can of refried beans in it. I used one can of rotel and it was still to spicy for me lol. I used a large can of diced tomatoes and one can of tomato sauce and about 2 cups of water.. I topped it with green onions from the garden, cheese, and tortilla strips (cut and fried from markdown and frozen corn tortillas). A cheap yummy meal, there was only one bowl left over. Her recipe calls for doing it in the crock pot, but I did it on the stove instead today. The kids didn't even notice that I skipped the meat! I also served a salad with the lettuces, green onions and radishes from the garden.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free movie rental!

You can get a free movie rental this weekend the details are here. And a free Cami from Lane Bryant here .

Last day for my contest!

I am making today the last day for my contest! So if you want to enter be sure and hurry!