Sunday, August 29, 2010

The heat is back

We had such wonderful nice cool weather for a few days. It was so wonderful. Today the heat came back with a vengeance! I really hope it doesn't stay long this time. I really enjoy that cooler stuff. Especially given it was still nice enough for the garden and such.

Beloved is looking for a driving job now since he has passed all his tests and can now drive anything! We are hoping he finds something very soon. He is applying at about every place we know of, and talking to other people and they are giving him some leads also. We have only been here four years, so we don't know everything around and talking to other people is helping a lot.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Contest for an awesome book!

Teri Gault on her blog posted about a twitter competition for an awesome book! This is one of the few I own and she wrote it! I would try to get this one!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well it is over!

Beloved passed his last test today! He now has full CDL and bus license stuff!!!!! He can now drive anything on land!!!!! He already has three jobs he is applying for, so hopefully he will be employed again soon!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beloved is getting closer

Beloved is getting closer to being done with his training! He finished all his bus tests and passed with flying colors! He can now drive any bus including a school bus and some other vehicles such as dump trucks! He has to go retake his Semi road test Wednesday and is going to the school for some practice driving Tuesday! We will take prayers for this. He wants to be done so bad! He feels like it will go well this time, since everything else is done and passed and off his mind. He thinks he can control the nerves much better this time!

Tomorrow is our church picnic. Erica is looking forward to some extra time playing with church friends! We missed church last week, because I have been having some bouts with my Fibromyalgia and have been so tired. I am still battling with it some this week, but am looking forward to services tomorrow. I think I am also getting a sinus infection. YUCK! But nothing serious just miserable lol.

Erica started middle school and so far it is going well for her! She is having to get up so very early and she is very tired, but there isn't a lot we can do about that. They put her in advanced math this year. Hopefully we can leave her there but we will have to see how she does.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Finally got a few tomatoes canned! And family happenings

The tomatoes around here are just not doing well. I finally canned seven quarts the other day! That makes a whole nine quarts so far this summer. Not good, not at all but it is everyone's tomatoes around here doing badly not just mine it seems. I also did several pints of banana peppers and a pint of hot peppers. We use the banana ones in the winter on pizza and such. Beloved and my son use a few hot ones here and there but I don't plant many of those.

Beloved stated his bus (including school bus) training today. The class started last week, but they put him in one week only due to all the Semi training he has already done. He drove today, said driving the school bus was a breeze compared to the Semi and has his driving test Thursday for that. Then next week he goes and takes the driving test again for the semi. He only messed up the one there, so hopefully it will go easier this time. He thinks so since he will only be taking one test that day and not the three he had before. The stress really got to him he says. We are happy to have prayers!

Erica starts middle school Wednesday, so we are all abuzz finishing up our summer stuff here. We gave her $100 to spend on school clothes and she only spent $60 and got all she needed including new socks and panties. She shopped at the thrift store for everything else and had me make her a couple of skirts she liked some material I had. So tomorrow I am taking her to Old Navy at the outlet mall to see what she can find. It is her favorite store. I also have a $10 off $50 coupon and beloved agreed we could pay tax if she used that. Not sure she will even spend that much there. But if she does it is fine. She has done so great with her budget.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Why must people judge?

I don't know why people judge others so much. I made DD some skirts for school, and I have people telling me they are to long and that is unfair! I really wonder if they are so much judging or if it is so the norm to show everything you have that people think it is odd not to? Joy joy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

So much sewing and mending and prayers needed please

Well being that Erica is still in public school. Yes, I really hate that some days, ok most days. But Beloved prefers I leave her there, and his reasons are not horrible. It's just that I don't want her around all the ways of the kids these days so much. Anyway we have been to the thrift store and bought most of her school clothes. Except her socks and panties and we always buy those new. She is such an odd size that nothing fits her. So that means I have to alter or hem everything. I am getting closer to being done though so that feels good.

It is so hot here I really am ready for my favorite crisp days of fall. But that will mean the end of my garden and I will miss that! I wish I had enough tomatoes to can this year, but they just are not doing well at all. I hate that I will have to buy canned tomatoes this year.

Beloved takes his CDL driving test tomorrow. And we think next week he starts his school bus driving stuff. He has already passed the written on that as well, so all he will have to do is the driving and such. Please send prayers for him tomorrow, as he really wants to pass this the first time! Even if he does he won't be able to get his license until after he passes the bus one, no use paying for it twice, and his fingerprinting for hazardous materials is not in yet. He doesn't want to haul them, but might as well get full endorsement on his license. Heck maybe he should learn to fly and engineer a train while he is at it lol. Ok just kidding but if he passes all this, he will be able to drive anything on land! Hopefully he will be able to find a job after all this!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poor beloved is really stressing out

He is in his last week of CDL classes and having a hard time with the shifting. He only has two more days of driving left and his driving test is next Tuesday. He is so stressed. I really wonder if his stress is part of the problem. He does have access to the class and can get more driving time if needed, but he really wants to pass and get this over with. We sure could use your prayers! The hardest part for me of course is that I can do nothing to ease his stress. He is so ready to get back to work and this retraining was a hard decision for him.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A couple great videos

A couple of the other blogs I read posted these great links (two short videos) about our food and what we are really eating. Worth a peek. Thanks to both of you for them you can find there here on A Plain Gals Quest for Truth. Or Here on Our plain and simple life. After seeing the movie Food.Inc, I am so glad I am learning how to depend on my more and boxed stuff less.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Doing some canning!

Not nearly enough of it and the tomatoes are not doing well at all. But I have been able to do a few green beans, a lot of pickles and 2 quarts of corn. Not nearly enough, but something is better than nothing right? I really hope to get the pantry filled in time for winter. I am not sure what to do about the tomatoes, because they tell me that no one has them doing well around here. Hopefully I can find someone with some to get rid of. We go through more of those than anything else. I am also hoping to find someone with plenty of corn for me to can. I never dreamed 15 years ago that I would be living my life this way. It is the way I grew up of course, but I got away from it. Mom and granny would be so proud of me!