Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The weather is wonderful

We had some nice cool weather and then the heat came back. But the cool weather is back again, and I really hope it is here to stay. The garden is pretty well finished, so I might as well get some nice fall weather. I am not looking forward to cold, but I love the cool we have been having.

You may have noticed the swag bucks link on my page. I have been using them and am saving bucks up for Christmas! They are really easy to earn and I am going to use mine go get gift certificates to It is easy to sign up, and there are several ways to earn bucks. I earn most of mine just searching the net! I strongly suggest you check them out if you plan to do any shopping online, there are many stores to turn in your bucks for money!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

That was a long drive!

But we made it home from Nebraska safely. I am sure glad I spent the time before hand to really plan things and use promo codes and such for our hotels. It was really nice to have better rooms than usual for the same price! Hopefully this will turn into a job offer, but who knows. I hate to speculate. But even though it was a long and tiring trip, it was nice to be able to take it together!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello from Nebraska!

Beloved's job did not work out, he failed aerobics of all things! So now we are in Nebraska today as he has another interview tomorrow in plastics. He really would love to move here and be closer to Kansas. He still feels like Kansas is home. But I am not sure I will ever be up for moving back to Kansas. I am fine with Nebraska, as Kansas would only be a short drive away, and I could still live "away" from there. This town is bigger than the one we currently live in. But if we move here we certainly would hope to find a farm house. Of course until after the interview tomorrow, we know nothing. So for right now, it is wait and see!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Reuseable canning jar lids part two

So in my previous post about these lids, I promised a review and here it is! I used seven lids (a canner full) for my test. The first round of the test, one did not seal. It could have been many things to cause that, including user error, and with regular one time use lids, I have had the same happen many times.

I used them the second time, and all but one sealed yet again. This was user error for sure, because when I took the lid off, the rubber ring was not on there as should be. So, for now I give these a thumbs up! I will likely be ordering more of these as I can afford them as I believe that they will pay for themselves over time, and it will be nice to always have them on hand instead of finding I have run out when I need them.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beloved left today

He is in Indianapolis for his orientation for Schneider National. It is only a week. But seven days seems like so long. We realized we had not been apart that long in our whole married life. I may drive up to visit him Tuesday and come home Wednesday. Zach can keep an eye over Erica, and we have great neighbors that can help out also. Much easier now that Zach drives and such though than it used to be. Beloved has a roomie there, to save the company money of course. So I would have to get us a room for the night. But Beloved says his roomie is nice enough so that is good. I know the roomie took the bus there, and Beloved drove his truck, so they went to dinner together tonight since Beloved had wheels. There is a place to eat in the hotel, of course that always costs more. I wish they had a fridge and micro in the room, but they don't. I think that since the company is putting them there, they should require that, but they don't. Many do. I suggested to Beloved that they find a thrift store and pick up a cheap crockpot to put some soup or something in. That way they could come to the room to a hot meal at night. Not sure what will happen there of course.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reuseable canning lids part one!

Ok Mrs. Dewey Smith over on her blog, Our Plain and Simple Life. Posted about these reusable canning lids. I had to try them. So my sampling got here yesterday, a box of 12. Today I canned potatoes so I can fry some for dinner tomorrow night. They are sealed nicely! Tomorrow I plan to open them and use some and re-use them canning some more potatoes to replace what I have used. I totally hope to have an awesome review of them! I am so excited about them and the money they could potentially save! As of right now, if my testing goes as well as I hope, I plan to put some money back each month to order a large bulk purchase before spring arrives again. Of course, I will always want some throw away ones in the house just the same, because I do give canned things as gifts sometimes and I don't want to part with these! HERE is the site, but if you have never gone over to Mrs. Dewey Smith's blog, head on over it is worth visiting!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We had a wonderful labor day dinner

We did in fact have a wonderful dinner last night for labor day. We had grilled chicken, dinner rolls, salad corn on the cob, baked potatoes and leftover baked beans. Not the dinner some would think of I suppose for such a day. It was nice though to "celebrate". So many people think you can't eat so well on the cheap. I wish I could teach them all otherwise. So many wonderful things to be learned if one just opens up and has the desire to learn it!

I am almost done with my part of shopping for the church outreach for the month. I enjoy it so, but am ready to be done this month. I have purchased so much, and made laundry soap. The laundry soap really pushed my $75 budget, but I still have some supplies left for next month. I am happy for that, because I hope to also be able to afford toilet paper next month as well. I do buy some food when it is a great deal, but I do a lot of things that people can't buy with food stamps. Toothbrushes, soap, etc. Many of the food only buyers shop at Aldi so unless I can get a better deal myself, I let them do it. I will post numbers soon. I got free deodorant and toothbrushes this month, and have managed to pick up enough for three months for 40 people. On those items, they get to pick we don't give one each. We give them out at the devotion! Food items are of course bagged up during the devotion for each family.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What wonderful weather!

It is finally cooling down again! It is so wonderful to finally have cooler weather! I love it. I hope it stays this way for a very long time! Of course winter will come as much as I try to will it not to. But I guess I just have to enjoy it while it lasts. If only fall and spring were more of the year than winter and summer! I guess it always gives me something to look forward to though.

I am working on crocheting dishcloths again to have plenty to give for Christmas. And a few other little things that I am wanting to give this year also. I hope to get a Rag Doll made for Erica, so far I have not mastered them and had any turn out great. But it would be a great gift to give along with the sunggie I got for her dirt cheap at the thrift store. She wants one bad, and did last year but there was no way I was paying full price for one!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It appears that Beloved

Has a job!!!!!! He has done the physical and the drug testing and goes for a week to Indianapolis for orientation! He leaves the 10th of September and they officially hire him at the end of that. He starts driving with a trainer on the 20th! He does have to go get a sleep apnea test because of the fact he fits the criteria of the new standards the government is going to be using soon and this company is ahead of the game. But they say that is no big issue. We don't think he has that, but if he does he will just have to treat it no biggie! The best news? It is a local job! He is expected to be home every night and his routes will be in about a 350 mile radius of home! That pays a little less than going over the road, but it fits our needs well! We are just beyond thrilled right now!