Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ordered three more Christmas gifts today!

Snapfish has a promo code right now for the 12X12 calendars where you buy one get one free. It is good until 10/31. It was a little more than I wanted to pay after shipping and such, but really not bad for three personalized gifts. You are able to add your own pictures, and personalize dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Not a bad deal really. All the details are here

Been another busy weekend and we have the church harvest party tomorrow. We had Pastor appreciation dinner last week, so two weeks I don't have to make Sunday dinner. Can't complain about that! I will make dinner rolls again. Seems I always make those, but they always go over really well. Even last week when I used my home ground flour.

I am loving grinding my own flour. At half AP flour and half of my home ground whole wheat, we think it is awesome! I have still yet to try doing it with only home ground whole wheat. One day soon I will have to get that brave I suppose.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Been another busy week or so!

I have the lap quilt for the boy we are adopting to do Christmas for almost finished! And most of his other gifts done also! All gifts for my son are done and most of them for Erica! It is so nice to now do three gifts and a stocking. It makes things so much easier to handle. I have gotten some awesome deals by shopping early!

Beloved and Erica are out on a date tonight at the football game. It is the last home game for our high school. They only have one more regular game after that. Not sure what then. I love it when he takes the time do do these things with the kids. I think it is so important when the fathers are involved!

I have been working some extra hours at my part-time job. It does help to work from home though so I am still here with the family even though I do have to get work done. Beloved is still unemployed so it really helps.

Beloved is trying to get on driving the school bus for now, but that requires some more classes next month. Hopefully that will pan out. The money is much less than he was making, but better than nothing. It gets really discouraging when this drags on so long.

Tomorrow is food pantry outreach at church. I am planning to pop in for a bit in the morning, but I can't stay because I have to work at the same time devotion for that starts, so I will have to get home for that. I can go and start helping with setup though, and DD wants to stay and help until they are done. That is fine, the church isn't far away, and one of us will go get her, or someone will bring her home.

I hope to get back in again soon, hopefully things will start to slow down!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We have chosen

We have chosen the child we will be adopting for Christmas! As little as we have, we feel it is important to still try to help others. And we think it is good for us to teach our children that. The boy we are adopting is 10. He is the son of a friend and they go to our church. We will give him the same thing we give our kids, three gifts and a stocking. Of course sometimes the gifts have more than one in it. Such as a quilt may come with a book and some PJs. It feels good to know where we are headed now with this, and I have a quilt started in the cutting phase!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A whirlwind of activity

It has been so busy lately that sometimes I forget to think! But I have had a few wonderful things happen! Last week, I did two coupon classes at the Association of Homemakers "mini college". I wish I could have stayed longer and took a couple of the other classes. Some of them sounded really fun! I was invited to join one of their clubs, and I just might as it was awesome to get out with other women for a change. I don't do that often, and it was so refreshing! They do as the name suggests "homemaker things". They have speakers on things, and go on field trips to learn things and it is all about home making. They meet once a month and do these big things like the college spring and fall where all the clubs in the county get together. I am really considering joining. Most of the women were quite a bit older than I, but they were all very nice!

I just finished an apron to send off to the daugther of a friend. Her young daughter really enjoys cooking, and I love to help inspire that in girls.

Erica is doing great in school so far this year. As of now she has all As and one C in advanced math. But we expected that really, so as long as it doesn't go any lower, we can live with the one C. Zach is back in college this session. After a couple of sessions off, I really told him he did need to go back. They overbooked two of his classes, and he was able to test out of them. So he paid for them but is not going but is getting credit lol. I don't understand it all, but he really had already had those classes in high school since he went to a specialized high school.

Anyway I hope this post found you all well, and I will try to post again soon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meatless night

In order to cut the budget, we often do meatless night. Tonight was taco soup. Cheap, easy and tasty! It is simple a quart of tomatoes, a couple quarts of water, some bouillon of choice. A little corn and perhaps some green pepper. Some onion and a pound of cooked black beans. Sometimes I use a little refried beans to thicken it a little. It is awesome served with a little shredded cheese and topped with tortilla chips! A great use for those crumbs in the bottom of the bag, or those stale leftover tortillas you have. No real recipe, make it how you like it!