Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where's the line to see Jesus?

Pastor shared this wonderful story and video with us today at church. So awesome from the mouth of a four year old boy. The story and video are in the link. I hope that we can let Jesus shine in us for everyone to see this season!

Where's The Line To See Jesus?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sewing supplies and lacks thereof

I have no sewing stores within an hour from me. I just need some patterns and materials! I NEED new panties and I don't want to pay the price for them. I am thinking they must be easy enough to sew up right? But I need a pattern for a plus sized girl! I am thinking of cutting a pair apart and trying my hand, but I also don't have any appropriate material in the material supply at this point. Sigh the woes of living in the boonies. If any of you have any great online suppliers with reasonable prices and shipping fees, I would love to hear it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Check out this contest

This is an awesome contest for anyone that uses coupons! The blog spells it all out, and I LOVE the Grocery Game website and message boards. If you use coupons at all, you don't want to miss this. And if you don't use coupons, you really don't want to miss it either!

I know it isn't thanksgiving yet!

But I have a turkey in the smoker! Actually Beloved has a turkey in the smoker. We will eat a couple of days at least on it maybe even three or four. That is one of my best money saving tips here in Ohio, eat what is in season. It is always cheaper that way. Turkey is one of the best buys in the grocery store right now, cheaper than chicken when you hit the right deals. If you don't want several whole ones in the freezer to have so much at once, ask your meat man to cut them in half for you! That was a famous trick of my mothers when her and granny spent so much time together late in granny's life. A small turkey cut in half was about perfect for them for a couple of meals! Don't turn down the cheap meat!!! You can do so much with it. Tacos, casseroles, turkey and noodles, turkey noodle soup, anything you would do with chicken, you can do with turkey! Please do yourself a favor and stash a couple in your freezer for later in the year. That is how I always have some meat when money is tight!

Also as you do your online shopping, don't forget sites like Ebates, Mypoints and Swagbucks! Earning money for things you are going to do or buy anyway never hurts! And Swagbucks add up without spending a dime! I have gotten $20 for Amazon from Swagbucks so far in a couple of months! I also have $25 from Amazon from Mypoints! Add in their free shipping on anything over $25, and I have a heck of a deal for Christmas!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A nice lazy Sunday

I am finally feeling a little better. After Church today, I had a wonderful nap! I have to work for a bit tonight, but will be a slow night. We had a nice revival at church this last week, and the sermons were amazing! I only got to go Sunday morning and Sunday night, but I glad I got to go to those. One of them was about why we are here. It was a wonderful reminder that we are here to let God's light shine through us and that we are to be an example of Gods Glory. We are of course the only Bible many people will ever read, so it makes wonderful sense.

Our outreach is next Saturday. I am looking forward to helping with that also. It will be our last one for the year and we will be giving away extra items for Thanksgiving. We don't do one in December at all, because the village does food boxes for those in need and all the churches help with those. We will be giving out hams, toilet paper and dish soap this month! So nice to have our church be so blessed to give out such wonderful items!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am supposed to be making some re-useable bags

I am really supposed to be sewing making some new re-useable shopping bags, since all or our store bought ones are falling apart. But really my sinus issues are awful tonight and I just want to go to bed!!! Guess though I better get up from this computer and get to sewing! Got plenty of material at the thrift store for a great price!

Friday, November 5, 2010

$3.99 Board games for preschoolers!

HERE is the info. These make great Christmas gifts on the cheap!

Saving money towards Christmas and the rest of the year also.

Our church food pantry this month is giving out extra items due to the holiday. That means I am really pushing it on the coupon front. Luckily my store is awesome and will order things for me by the case when I need 80 of each. This week I picked up my dish soap that I had rain checks for. They were the smaller 9.5 oz bottles, but they were free after coupon, so we only ended up paying tax. I got 70 of those. I am getting 80 boxes of stuffing for the outreach for less than .50 cents each. And some for me of course. They are actually PAYING me to bring home 12 oz boxes of pasta. Since I have the coupon and the $5 for the deal comes off on the end! 80 more of those coming for outreach, and some for home! Of course they will not give me cash for the overage of .21 cents a box, but I can get more free items! If you are interested in how this works, you can visit THIS site. I save a huge amount for myself and the outreach using it! My pantry is always full due to using the coupons and this site makes it so much easier and less time consuming. Considering that beloved is still looking for a job, it is a real blessing.

On the other hand I am getting ready to move some of my swag bucks (there is a link on the margin) to Amazon again. In the month and a half I have been using Swag bucks, This will be my third $5 gift card! They are 450 points each, and if you try not really hard, you can easily score 30 points or more per day. Living in the boonies, I like ordering from Amazon because you can get free shipping over $25. Of course there are other places to use your rewards also. Luckily someone gave me the heads up to go ahead and put my $5 code in my Amazon account as soon as it posts to my Swag bucks account, because they will expire if they sit in Swag bucks.

I also just redeemed my mypoints. I got a $25 Amazon gift code there. But they mail them out so I am waiting for it and will add it to my Amazon account as soon as I get it. I save a ton using these tools!

Try some of these, I am sure you will find you like them!