Friday, January 28, 2011

How to pick a church?

Yes, I always manage to stay gone to long. But Beloved and I are yet again asking the question of how you pick a church. We are members of a church where we feel we love the ideals and the religion. But we are not feeling like we "fit in". We quite frankly feel like outcasts in the bunch. Some of the people seem so judgmental yet they say it is not for us to judge people. How do you know where your real church family is? Of course our pastor is wonderful, but he is not helpful in this situation. He wants to keep us, and everyone in the church. But in our Sunday school class, there are a couple of women who I swear are trying to run me off. And since I mentioned it to beloved and he has paid attention, he agrees. Oh how to pick a church. I would love any ideas you all have!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

An update on my indoor garden!

My lettuce sprouts are coming up nicely here in the house! Watching them every day though, it sure seems to take a long time to grow. Right now they are farther ahead of my other pots, but that is to be expected, since lettuce grows faster than any of the other stuff I planted. I am having a hard time waiting on it all! So are our guinea pigs I think lol.

Beloved has had a stomach flu for almost a week. He seems better today and for that I am very thankful. Not only do I just hate my family being ill, but it sure makes it hard to cook and plan meals when you are not sure if someone wants what you are cooking or not, due to not feeling well. Tonight I am making sausage, egg and cheese english muffins. With his favorite fried potatoes.

We did miss church this morning, mainly due to DH having not been feeling well. We decided some extra sleep was in order to keep us all well. I do miss it, but I know that God understands. I am looking forward to getting back next Sunday!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What took me so long?

So all winter I have been missing my garden. And I can't have houseplants because of the cats. They think the dirt is a litter box. Or can I? Um I could hang them! So I had beloved put in some plant hooks for me. That was a week ago and guess what? I already have lettuce coming up in one pot. One has Basil and one has carrots, I know they won't get big in here, but the guinea pigs love them and the tops so I can pull them small for the piggys and they will be happy. I have two more hooks and only one more hanging pot right now, but I can get another. Not sure what else I want to plant! But I am thinking that next winter I can do the tom tomatoes in here. We love cherry tomatoes if I can just trick them into growing in the house in the winter! I actually have a couple of onions growing right now, that my be something I can toss in one pot. We could eat green onions off of them perhaps? Regardless, I wonder what took me so darn long!

Monday, January 3, 2011

It was about time and need of prayers for our Pastor

It was really past time for new curtains for my living room. I have loathed the ones that were there since we moved in. So why did it take me five years to do something about it? Now that is a darn good question! Imagine little me, the couponing, thrifts store queen of cheap only thinking that I couldn't afford new curtains. Well even if I could, I would never pay that price. Why in the world did it take me so long to once again look at those horrid curtains and think thrift store? Well finally last week I did. But when I was there, I found nothing I liked that would fit my window. But then I looked closer at some I did like. They were WAY longer then I needed and about half right width. So I brought them home (they looked sad hanging on that rack with no window anyway). I got out the scissors and cut them down to fit in length, I came up as I had expected when I measured with four panels. Oh and just enough left over to make some tie backs! I am almost ashamed of myself it took me so darn long! But now I am much happier to look at my picture window. It is a much prettier picture now!

Beloved helped me hang some plant hooks, and I now have lettuce, carrots and basil planted in the house. I want to get some parsley in soon as well. I can't have plants not on hooks, because the cats think the pots are um well, ok no nice way to say it. They think they are a litter box. I just hate not having some home grown veggies in the winter, so I hope this works out for me.

We got the call today that Pastor's father had passed. He has been ill for about a year now, and the family is very close. Pastor's parents even became members at our church a few years ago. We were afraid this was coming as he has been in the hospital for several weeks. Of course we all kept praying for healing. I know that pastor is devastated, he has to be given how close they were. So, if you could spare a prayer it would be ever so appreciated.