Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free bowling for the kids this summer!

So your kids can bowl two games per day free this summer! I actually bought Erica a cheap pair of bowling shoes that I hope will fit next year, so that we don't have to pay the show rental. I know people who have used this before. Here is a whole thread about it! Erica is paying half the cost of her shoes, since that is why she gets an allowance. She won't get to go everyday, due to the price of gas and such driving her to town. But we normally make it to town at least a couple times a week for this or that, so she will get to go some. They also have an optional program where up to four adults can bowl two games free with the kids each day all summer. That package I think was $25. I didn't get it, because we just aren't that fond of bowling. With my Fibro and Carpel tunnel, it would kill my wrist and hand and possibly my shoulder. But for some people, it would be a great deal. I would however buy cheap shoes. You do have to pay the shoe rental otherwise, and that adds up fast.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So you asked for it!

And here is a picture of Dawg! We call him Reckless when we aren't just calling him Dawg!


Monday, May 23, 2011

So I didn't want a dog

But one came along a month or two ago and adopted us. I really didn't want the responsibility that came with a dog at all. But he has been good for me. Sometimes with my Fibro it is hard for me to get myself up and about to take my walks. But with him here, he really enjoys his walks, and it is my job to keep him happy and healthy. So we walk! I wonder if the fact that I didn't want a dog was overruled by God thinking I needed one? He is a very good boy. We do need to get him fixed though, as he has not had that done. So in our family, is another member. He just nosed his way in, but we will let him stay!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am so enjoying watching the garden grow!

I used starts from the nursery for some of my stuff. The tomatoes are growing nicely. The ones I love to watch though are the seeds we put in the ground! The squash and zucchini is coming up nicely! Of course they are just tiny leaves, but it is such a miracle to watch. The same with the radishes and carrots! Such a wonderful feeling of joy to watch your labors turn into fruits.

I found an ice cream maker (the kind where you freeze the bowls) It has two one quart bowls and works nicely. I got it at the thrift store for $2.20!!!! I was thrilled because I had gotten rid of our old one, and wanted one where I didn't need the rock salt and such. Now I am looking for all kinds of recipes to use in at. If you have any to share, I would love it! I really wish I could find a place to get whole milk. Of course it isn't exactly easy to get, because it is illegal to sell it. Takes us back to why in the world is the government in everything?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day! I had a very nice one, church a nap and out to dinner! We don't go out to dinner often, but I enjoy it when we do.

In the pet world, I recently found some great info I would love to share! If you use advantage for fleas, you know how pricey it is! Well I have found a safe and cheap way to use it for much less money! Here is a LINK on how to do it! It saves me a ton! Of course if there is any question at all, ask your vet, I don't know your pet I only know mine! But I am using it and it works great! I just wish I could find a small plastic or glass vial with a tight fitting lid. It would make it much easier to dose out. I am thinking of asking at the pharmacy if they have anything such.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally got the garden in!

It was dry Friday and Saturday so on Saturday we got everyone together and got the garden in! We rented a rototiller at Ace hardware for $25. We tilled up our stuff and did a small area for our neighbor who paid us $10 towards the rental. Since we were able to return the tiller early (had it for 24 hours) we were only charged for the four hours we had it, so that reduced the cost to $20! Not bad considering our neighbor had chipped in! While Beloved and our son tilled, Erica and I planted flowers and some other little jobs. We have very little left to plant. I want to put in some more lettuce and spinach and squash. But everything else is in! It started raining again yesterday and still is today, but we are ok with that now that we got the garden in!