Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free museum day!

Many museums are free this Saturday! Just follow the LINK! DH has been wanting to go to the Pro Football hall of fame for years. I printed up the tickets, found a great deal on a hotel room. With promo codes, I got it down to $50 for the night! So Friday afternoon we are going to pack up and head that way. To keep it cheap, we are taking sandwiches and such so we don't have to eat out. I was going to slip away just Beloved and I but decided that we really should take Erica with us. It is a great field trip. I am not really into football, but for something Beloved has been wanting to do for so long it is a great cheap surprise for him.

Monday, September 5, 2011

A great recipe and great online magazine.

Ok I ran into both of these on other blogs. I make what I call "Breakfast casserole" quite often. I guess I should post my recipe here also! But first I want to show you this link. I plan to try this recipe soon. It comes from the Frugal family recipes and it is for Egg Casserole.

The other one is a Christian magazine for girls. Free online. Now let me say that I am looking for a couple of good Christian magazines for my daughter to actually get in the mail. She is 13. If you know of anything that would be great for her, I would love to hear your ideas! She does not enjoy reading, but does enjoy reading magazines, so anything to get them to read for enjoyment and not because they have to right? Anyway this one link comes from All Things Lovely. It is the Set Apart Girl Magazine.

And here is my Breakfast casserole recipe. It can use leftover bits, as what makes a great casserole!

Breakfast casserole
6 Eggs beaten
1 bell pepper diced
1 tomato diced
1/2 cup cheese or more to your liking(shredded or crumbles from a frozen bar, or leftover cheese sauce whatever will melt up nicely in the casserole)
1 cup or so leftover fried potatoes or hashbrowns
1/2 pound browned sausage, diced ham or other meat of your choosing.
Salt, pepper and other herbs and spices of your choosing

In oiled pie dish, mix everything but eggs. Pour beaten eggs over top and bake at 350. Check for doneness in about 30 minutes and cook until done.