Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If you want your comments published

First of all let me say this is MY space! This is where I share my thoughts, feelings, family info and mostly my GOD! This is not a place for debate. It is not a place for me to prove to anyone I am right or wrong. Because here, I AM RIGHT!!! If you don't like that, you don't have to read! Just close the page and go on about your day.

I will not not approve your comments if you are a bully.

I will not approve your comments if you just want a one sided debate.

I most likely will not approve your comments if you are "anonymous".

I most likely will not approve your comments if you are to chicken to sign your name.

If you sign your name, site, etc. and ask me to hide that part, I will respect your wishes if your comment is within my "rules".

If you are sharing God's love, his word or his way of life, you are in!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lets talk about Christmas

Because the talk I keep hearing saddens me. All the talk I keep hearing even from fellow Christians, is about gifts. What are you giving people? Are you spending enough? Do you love your kids if you don't give them everything they want? What will Santa be bringing?

That isn't what Christmas is about!!! First of all, Christ was not born on 12/25. When was he born???? Well we will never know an exact date I suppose. Santa? Yes, he is a lie. But I choose to turn that lie around. I teach my children that Santa is the spirit of Christmas. He is what Christ was all about. He is about us giving to each other, serving each other. We do stockings in my house. HUGE ones, that my mother made that we cherish because she made them. We fill them with practical stuff. Socks, underwear, whatever. We also put a few fun things in there. Even the kids look for things to put in stockings each year. It is just fun and is in the total spirit of giving that you don't have a clue who put what in there!

Gifts, they are about thought. Not about how much we spent. Not is it a want or need item. It is about will it make you happy? Can you use it??? If it will sit around and never get touched, it is not a gift you will get in my house. Some will say never get your wife a kitchen item. In my house, my hubby knows if it will make my life easier or if I just would like to have it in the kitchen, it is a great gift! I know he is on the lookout for a cookbook for me, I ASKED for it. I would never go spend the money on myself. If we can afford it, and if he can find it, I will get it for Christmas. If the kids have something they really want, we try to get it for them. But we will not spoil them. They will get three gifts. Hopefully we can make them really happy with those three gifts. If not, they are to be grateful for what they get. Grateful because Christmas is not about the gifts.

We had a friend who has passed who put it well. He told us not to get him Christmas gifts because he would rather we show our kindness all year. He appreciated knowing if he showed up unexpected at dinner time, I would throw an extra setting at the table and there would magically be enough food for him. Or if he showed up and just needed an ear it would be given. Isn't that what the love of Christ is really about? I think so!

So yes, we will celebrate Christmas. We will do stockings from "Santa". But what we will really be celebrating is the love of Christ. Not the amount of money spent. Who cares if I made it myself and spent nothing or if I got it at the thrift store for a little of nothing or if I paid $500??? Anyone with the real reason for the season in mind doesn't care a bit!!! Heck sometimes a phone call from a friend is a great gift!!!

I am so weary and need some Christian friends

Man I have been hit hard. I am down on my knees and I hate to say that. I did the worst tonight. My wonderful hard working hubby came home from work tonight to find me in tears. He asked me what is wrong. I told him the standard "nothing". Yeah, he has been married to me longer than that lol. He pushed me, like a loving hubby who cares will and demanded I tell him what is so wrong. It is that I was so attacked today. I was again questioned and knocked to my knees for pleasing him. I was told I am a selfish and bad mother. I was told I neglect my daughters medical needs. Let me first say the medical needs in question were when we had NO insurance, and she does have asthma, but we have THREE emergency visits when we have been told she was faking her wheezing. Now to be honest, I think she does get scared. I think one DR. scared her about what her asthma can do, but hers is not that severe. She has asked me more than once "are you sure I am not going to die?". That doctor did have best interests I think, but did scare Erica. But none the less, I have to decide now when I really need to take her to the doctor, or the ER and that isn't easy. So, because I let my wonderful hubby buy the TV he wanted six or nine months ago when I was trying to figure out if Erica really needed a doctors visit or not, I apparently was neglecting her and not putting her needs first. UMM does it mean nothing that I took her to the doctor? Does it mean nothing that I was told I was doing all I could, but they gave me a script for steroids and antibiotics (that she still hasn't taken) all these months later???? I have been accused of putting my husband before my children. Ok, one child is grown and an adult even though he lives at home, the other (Erica) is 13. Really if she was mistreated, she would tell a teacher, the principal, the pastor right????? Do I put my husband before my children? Yes in some ways. Are my children taken care of? For sure they are. They have a roof, food, clothing, medical care and most of all love. Do I put my marriage first? In some ways I do. If mom and dad are not happy, how can the children be??? If we are miserable, that will pass on. Above that, Beloved and I put God. God is the head of our household and our marriage.

In the discussion, was do the kids get wants or needs for Christmas? Apparently the fact I give THREE gifts (what Jesus got when the wise men got there when he was an estimated three years old by some scholars). And by some of those gifts coming from the thrift store (being "used" even though sometimes they are just unwanted new things) I am mistreating my child. So I didn't give my child a Disney vacation (as one of the parents said was an appropriate gift), I am a child abuser and/or don't love my child. Really???? I am giving my child THREE gifts and a stocking. One gift is what she really asked for, the one that will make her the happiest and may be one of the cheapest lol. The other that she asked for, an over the door shoe hanger (the cheapie she has now is falling apart), well I have hand made that and it will go in her huge stocking. The huge stocking that my wonderful mother made that will also hold socks, underwear, diamond/ruby earrings that my daughter picked for "the neighbors grandchild" (yeah those were on deep deep discount lol, oh did I mention I also had a coupon?) Anyway, when did it all become about money? Are my kids (even my soon to be 21 year old one) needs met??? Heck yeah!!!! In fact he hates his truck, but it is what he could afford and asked he he could borrow my car to take his girlfriend out this weekend. Better remind him the heat doesn't work lol. Is every want they have met? Nope, far from it. Either are mine lol. That is live. God never promised to give us all we want. He promised to provide for our needs. And trust me..... He HAS. Beloved didn't want to be without a job for 2.5 years. He was. We survived. And my wonderful daughter went to church camp (twice this last summer), and to Kansas to visit family. And we had food, medical care, therapy, everything we needed. Have my children suffered??? HECK NO!!!

So I need prayers. Pray for me that those who Satan is using against me fall fast and hard please. Did I cry? Yeah I did. I guess they won the battle. But God has won the war. He showed me that Satan was behind this. God told me to ask you to help me have strength and power!!!!! I am asking, and I know my friends in God will help me find it!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A simple life

In this day and age it doesn't surprise me that so many people do not live simple lives. But the number that fail to understand why anyone would want to does surprise me! It is the life my mother taught me. And I believe it is the life God wants for me. Take hanging laundry on the line for instance. That is some time for me to be alone to think, and sometimes even pray. Those little moments spent with God are important!

Part of my idea of simple living is to really be a wife and a mother. I am not running out the door to work every morning. I do have a little part-time job online from home. I try not to let it interfere with my being a wife and mother. Some people don't understand though why I would do so much for my husband. They think I am being made into his slave. Nothing is farther from the truth. I love my husband with all my heart and it makes me happy if he is happy. What people tend to not see is that he does the same for me. It isn't about being a slave, it is about love and respect. To me, it is very rewarding and I wish more women understood it enough to give it a try!

Tomorrow Beloved gets his truck assignment. I am going with him to make his bed and put some of his things away and see if it needs cleaned. Could he do that himself? Yep! Would he if I didn't offer? Yep! But part of my simple life is to try to make his life simpler. And the hug and kiss I get as a reward? That is icing on my cake. When he calls at night and I hear him relaxing? Yep I will enjoy that also and be proud I was a part of it. And while he is out there working, I will be living the simple life at home. Hanging laundry on the line, cooking from scratch, making Christmas gifts and other things. Enjoying ever minute of it!

Friday, November 25, 2011

So thankful!!!!

We are so thankful this year. Since beloved has found a job we are very thankful for that. On top of that him being home for Thanksgiving, even more thankful! And tonight I hit some sales. I don't agree with people having to work holidays, but money is tight and I needed some deals. So I was able to get him some brand new sheets and pillows for his truck! He is so glad to be getting his own truck so he will have a twin sized bed to sleep in for a change. I am going with him Monday when he gets his truck, so I can make up his bed and such. He still needs so much, a power inverter, an electric cooler, a microwave. But in time we will get it all. Just thankful to be where we are.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My poor hubby!

He had a rough first trip out. He was in a one month old truck with only 30,000 miles on it. And the check engine light came on. They called the company shop and ended up calling Peterbuilt who was able to pull the info from the truck and tell them it was the fuel pump. So they took it to the nearest shop, where they waited and waited to get it in. Then the pump was pulled and they never found anything actually wrong with it. But when they put it back together all was well. The mechanic said that perhaps it was a bad O ring. Anyway due to the delay, he is home until Sunday! Then he will be headed to TX. After that, he will come home for Thanksgiving. Then the next Sunday will be in his own truck. I guess it is good in a way a minor break down happened. That way, he was able to see with the trainer how they deal with it, who they call and all that. We are having to get him a new cell phone. Tracfone just isn't going to work for us. To many minutes calling the office and brokers and such. And then of course I want him to call me! So much stuff go get going and figure out! But we are just so thankful he has a job now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beloved is on the road

He left with his first long haul today. He is with another guy for the rest of this week, and what he has of next week. He will be home for Thanksgiving. We are so grateful for that. After that, he will be in his own truck. I am worried about him of course. But it is nice to have him working again. I know he is off to Kansas City tonight. He will be home sometime tomorrow and will be out again Thursday. I can't wait to hear how his first day in his new career went. I know he was stressing about it when he left the house today. Keep in in your prayers, it is never easy to change careers so drastically. I am so proud of him.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beloved has found a job!

I kept saying that as soon as we learned whatever it was God intended for us to learn, he would get a job. We have learned a ton in the last 2.5 years, not sure what exactly we were supposed to learn though. I can tell you some of the things we have learned! We have learned that love and money are in no way connected. We have learned that even when things bad, and we wonder where God is, he is still here. It doesn't always feel like it when things are hard does it? But he is! We have learned that we can live on very little, God does provide for our needs. We have learned to communicate better and to co-parent better.

Beloved with be gone a lot with this new job. He will be driving a truck over the road. I will miss him very much. But this is how it must be right now. I truly feel that for whatever reason, God has now put us here. Just wanted to share the good news with you all! Thank all of you for your prayers along the way.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Share your favorite blogs with me

So we are all here because we like to read blogs. I know we all have favorites. I would love for you all to share your favorites with me er I mean us. Of course I would love to see blogs about frugal living or Godly living or homesteading, or crafting but they don't have to be. Sure we all have links on our blogs, but I would love you to just share two or three favorites with me!