Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bread making

It amazes me how many people are afraid to try to make bread. I was at one point in my life, but now I understand how silly it was. I think that many people, think it must be complicated. I was always afraid I would waste the ingredients if it didn't turn out well, and I hate waste. Looking back now, I give advice when people ask about making bread based on that. The first thing I tell them is just try it. The ingredients are not that expensive, and the chances it will be horrible are slim.

One other thing I like to tell people is start with one kind of bread. Maybe it is dinner rolls or maybe it is a loaf. Maybe it is french bread. But make it a few times, and then you will not only have a little practice, but also will know you can do it. From there, nothing stops a person from making yummy, fresh bread of all varieties. Once you have mastered one, you can easily transfer to another.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Canning jars or any jars

Glass jars of any shape and size are awesome to re-purpose! Of course anyone who does home canning does re-purpose and re-use canning jars quite often. But there are far more possibilities.

There are tons of "gifts in a jar" that can be given. Cookie mixes, brownie mixes you name it. Don't forget Bean Soup! Just remember for something like bean soup to add the baggie of seasonings and spices to the top of the jar, anyone can throw some beans in a jar, but remembering the extra little stuff is important. And bean soup in a thrift store jar can be so pretty! I gave it once and the person I gave it to wouldn't use it because she thought it was to pretty in her kitchen!

Or try a sewing kit in a jar, and on the top make a little pin cushion!

There are important things to keep in mind doing gifts in a jar. First, make sure they match the receiver. Don't give bean soup to someone who doesn't like beans. Secondly, remember to attach the recipe on the gift tag if needed. Next, make the tag pretty. With all we can do with printers now, and all the scrap booking and card making stuff available, you can make an awesome tag! And for that final big bang, add a little something. An in-expensive little something that makes it pop! A wooden spoon to a cookie or brownie mix, a ladle, or some homemade bread sticks to a bean soup mix! A few pretty pins in the pin cushion of a sewing kit in a jar. But add some little special touch! With that, a very in-expensive, re-purposed gift is a big and special gift!

Thanks to a good friend!

A few days ago, I emailed a friend. She sent me this song. She knew I needed it. She knew that I needed to hear that God knew I was waiting! She knew that I needed to know that God knows I am being obedient even when it is painful.

God does see our pain, he does see us being punished for being obedient. He does see Satan testing us! He sees us taking steps in obedience, and he is with us every step of the way. Every step we take, he is with us.

So to the friend who sent me this, you WERE serving him! YOU were the angel he sent me when I was down. He is smiling upon you right now, because you served HIM! Where two are more are gathered, he is there. He WAS there! Thanks my friend! I love you and so does he.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The art of re-purposing sheets

As I said in my previous post, sheets are one of my favorite things to re-purpose. They are very inexpensive at the thrift store, and very plentiful. Above and beyond that, they are a huge piece of material! The last sheet I bought to re-purpose, I paid $2 for. Out of it I made a seat caddy for Beloved's semi and two laundry bags for his semi. Yes, I can buy a cheap $1 mesh laundry bag at the laundry store, but we had two issues with those. Number one, they fall apart fast. Number two, they didn't have any ties to hang them up with. A sleeper cab is just to small to have things sitting around on the floor. Beloved found a sheet in sports material he liked, and I hit the sewing machine. His seat caddy he can put small things in, such as ink pens, receipts, his bottle of shampoo and body wash for when he hits a truck stop shower. They stay right there tucked away and easy to find until he needs them. The laundry bags, well having at least two is a must. When he comes in for his ten hour break, he brings me the dirty and I have the other with the clean already packed and ready to go. The thrifty price can't be beat.

I also love them for filling and backing quilts. In a recent post, I posted about my daughter loving her nice warm quilt. It is filled and backed with flannel sheets. Also very frugally purchased at the thrift store. There are so many there to be had and in almost new condition! I also made my daughter a new shoe rack for her bedroom door out of a pretty sheet for Christmas. She was thrilled, as a new shoe rack was one of the things she had asked for! She mentioned how she asked for three things and got two of them.

I have also made myself flannel nightgowns from flannel sheets. At the end of the day, you just can't beat the price, and it keeps things from going into the landfill. With so many free patterns available online for things, there is no reason not to learn to do some sewing that I have not done before. I am sure I will re-visit sheets again, just because with such a large amount of material, the possibilities are endless.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Baby Changes Everything

He does, he did. We all celebrate Christmas. Many celebrate it, and don't believe in the love of Christ. For those people, I want to say this, view the video and listen to the song. A Baby Changes Everything. He did change everything.

There are those who don't believe in Christ who celebrate Christmas. WHY????? Why give gifts if you don't believe in the huge gift he gave us? He gave us the biggest gift ever, he gave his life. He said to the father God, "thy will be done". It wasn't the will of Christ that he die. It was the will of God. As our pastor said tonight, you can't separate the cradle and the cross.

I know there are people who don't believe in God. Don't believe in Heaven or hell but they celebrate Christmas and Easter. If you celebrate those holidays, you known there is a God. You know there is a Christ. If you celebrate Christmas, take a few moments to thank God for the gift of his son. Thank his son Jesus for the gift of his life. Because HE is the reason for the season. The gifts are just a remembrance of his love, the love of God. If you give gifts, you are remembering the love of God. So you can't be someone who doesn't believe and celebrate Christmas. If you are one of those people who says you don't believe, and you are reading and do celebrate, I beg you to look closely. What is it you are celebrating? The tree? God made those!!!!! The lights???? God gave us the minds that made those possible!!! Santa??? He is God's spirit of giving!!!! You see, you just can't have Christmas without Christ and his love!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The art of re-purposing

I think it is a lost art. Re-purposing has a bad name. Really though in this day and age, the age of the "green" movement, I am surprised it has such a bad name. In the next few days and weeks, I will be dedicating some posts to re-purposing. Back in the day, nothing was thrown out. If it could be reused, it was. Today it is so easy to just toss things. Things come cheap from other nations. Nations that pay low wages, use child labor and questionable materials. One of my favorite items to re-purpose is bed sheets. Huge hunks of material found at thrift store for killer prices, just waiting to be turned into something. There are countless things to turn a bed sheet into! Some of my favorite ideas will be in posts to follow! Possibly with some tutorials! Of course if anyone has questions on the how-to of the ideas I list, I will try to answer them. I am not a wonderful seamstress, but I seem to make due with my simple sewing machine and re-purposed materials. I can only imagine what a real seamstress such as my mother was could really do. I so miss her today. Now that I have the urge to sew, she could guide me and teach me so much. I hope that we can revive the art of sewing and making old things new. In some of the posts that follow, I hope to do just that!

Friday, December 23, 2011

What a wonderful compliment!!!

As a frugal and simple mother, it is far more often we get more people telling us what we do wrong than what we do right. But the people who matter, I mean really matter, live in my own house. So tonight with Beloved on the road, after a quick stop in for his ten hours sleep last night and then moving on again with my blessing. I didn't expect the wonderful Christmas gift that my daughter gave me. She came in here for us to have movie night and watch movies together with her quilt I gave her two years ago for Christmas. It was a quilt made of her re-purposed outgrown clothes. I have taken so much flack for re-purposing. But tonight she came in here with it announcing "this is my favorite blanket ever". I asked her why and she said "it is just so comfy and warm". That warmed my heart! I asked her if it had anything to do with it being made of her old clothes. She said not so much as it was just comfy. A huge score for me. So many would have said that was the worst gift ever. It didn't cost me much at all. Some time cutting and sewing her favorite old, outgrown clothes, a couple flannel sheets from the thrift store. And two years later she still loves it. Other gifts I gave her two years ago??? Could she tell you what they were? I doubt it!!! I may ask just to see. I imagine so many of my readers just won't ever get to see the joy that I did tonight. The joy that came from a gift given from the heart that really was received by the heart. For those that do, I don't have to tell you it is a gift that you will never forget. For anyone reading that think it is about the money you spend, well this is a true story, it really happened, that quilt could not have been bought! And either could the gift of her being in love with it! My daughter didn't spend a dime tonight when she said that. She also doesn't have a clue what it meant to me! I have a feeling I should tell her. Maybe, I will do it by sending her a link to this post! I have no idea how to tell her what that meant to me. I know she got me a Christmas gift. It will be nothing compared to the great compliment she gave me tonight. Makes me feel better about the gifts I made for this Christmas. A couple for my kids, some for my hubby for his semi. We delivered some to neighbors tonight who were thrilled. I couldn't believe the favorite was the crocheted ornaments! So quick, easy and cheap. I look forward to seeing if they are on the tree next time I go over! I am sure they will be, they were the smallest part of the gift and seemed to be the most loved. In future posts, I plan to visit Made In America and Re-purposing. Yes, the re-purposing has gotten a bad name. I have had a couple of comments from people from a past message board totally dissing it. But, there are so many reasons to do it. On the top of my list right now, because my family loves me for it. That matters more than anything!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

As Christmas gets even closer

I am still busy making the last couple of gifts! I promised myself I wouldn't be this behind this year, but I am. I do enjoy making them all though. This year has been my biggest handmade Christmas yet. Everything from lap quilts and lapghans to doggy sweaters this year. I have also enjoyed seeing Erica and Beloved make some of theirs. Beloved has not done much work with wood in years, but I know he enjoyed it when he did. I think he enjoyed doing a little again. I am going to encourage him for next year also, if he has enough time at home that is. We are looking forward to spending Christmas with Beloved. He has been gone for three days and hopes to be home sometime late tonight. He will have a night in his own bed, then likely be out early again tomorrow. But at least Erica is out of school now for the holiday so I will let her stay up tonight to see him if he is still planning to make it home. I picked up the last items for Christmas dinner today when I was in town. We always look forward to our family meals, they are few and far between these days. We will also be focusing on Christ for the holiday. We will go to Christmas eve service and focus on his birthday and the love he gave to us. We will also be talking as a family devotion about the huge gift he gave us when he took our sins upon him. All the gifts we give and money we spend on them, and we will never come close to matching that one gift given to all of us so many years ago. So, remember to take a minute during your holiday and tell him thank you!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear "mary",

Ok, we all know that isn't your real name. But I am putting you on notice now that you are not welcome to visit my blog, my friends blogs, my families blogs, or the blogs of any blogger linked to in my blog!

You are a bully, you need to stay away and ask your "friends" to as well. I use the word "friends" lightly. You see, they are only your "friends" because they don't want to be on your bad side. They may be afraid of you, but I am not!

When you go around and spread rumors and lies about people, or twist their words, you are playing with fire. Do NOT come back to my blog. Do NOT go back to the blogs linked in my blog. You are not invited and are not welcome. I don't have time for your childish stuff, and no-one else does either. Take your drama elsewhere, no one that I know wants any part of it!

If you send your friends here, it is the same as you coming here, you will be considered attached. You don't agree with me. That is fine, you don't have to read my blog or others who have like ideas so DON'T. Go away and take your "friends" with you.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yet another reason

To do more of our own food processing, growing and canning. We just never know what they are putting in our "food". I always thought me Orange Juice was safe!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

As Christmas approaches

Don't forget if you have things to mail, they really needed to be on the way Friday! We still have to send to Grandma and Grandpa, but will use priority mail for that, since Erica just finished up making the last of it today. She got them wrapped in is totally in the spirit. She is wrapping everything she can get her hands on! It will all be done soon lol. Thankfully it is easy in our home with the re useable gift bags. She even got the stamps out and made the tags already. She is having so much fun I am letting her do most of it. I need to go get out of few more things if she wants to do them.

She still has a couple of cards to get made. She will likely do those tomorrow after church. I have a couple more to get made also. Everyone enjoys them so much.

I picked up Beloved "the" Christmas gift today at the Thrift store. He was with me, so he saw it. I got him an XM radio at the thrift store brand new! Still in the box sealed in all the plastic packaging. I called and was able to get three months service for the price of one! I know he will love it. I misses all his sports and such while he is driving. Now at least he can still listen to the games. I had wanted to get him this, but figured it would be months away. But with such a great deal I just had to do it. I feel better now, knowing I found him something I know he will love. Both the kids are getting the things they asked for, so I am so happy this year.

Beloved is in his favorite truck yet, after yet another breakdown last week. He really hopes this one stays together because he really likes it. In a few months he will have to move to a brand new one, because everyone will be. I hope he likes it as much as he does this one.

He will be leaving again tomorrow but has had a relaxing weekend at home, We always enjoy him being here. But secretly, I am waiting for him to leave so Erica can wrap another small gift or two of his. I have some stuff I made tucked away, that I know he will like.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A message about God's love and being a truckers wife

I have one person who keeps sending comments. The thing is, her comments are just nasty and not Christian like. And, she teaches at a "Christian" school. People pay lots of money for her to teach their children "Christian" values. I could post her comments. I could even send them to the school she teaches at, because I for one would not be willing to pay for her influence. But I don't. WHY??? Because it really isn't for me to judge as she chooses to judge me. God will judge us all. I just know that she keeps coming here, and I know that God is using me to work in her heart. She also thinks that Gods love is tied to money. I will keep praying for her and her children that they all learn that God and money are NOT tied together.

I think of all the Amish people in my community. I think of how simple they live. They live even more simple than I do. I envy them!!! I try to learn from them. I think they have a lot to teach us all. They can teach us modesty, they can teach us the value of money (and how it doesn't mean happiness), they can teach us the power of prayer. I think of how the wives support their husbands and stand behind them no matter what.

Tonight I made one step farther in supporting my Beloved. I have all his paperwork on the computer that I possibly can. When he called tonight, he relayed it to me, I typed it up and it is waiting for him to get home and turn in. He made me super proud. He got his first DOT (Department Of Transportation) stop tonight at a weigh station. He passed with flying colors. Not only is that awesome scores on his CDL, it is also awesome scores for his company. He really was worried about his first one not knowing what to expect, but I knew he could ace it. The guy he trained with had already told him that he got caught at more scales than any trainee in history LOL!

Yes, there are those who will say that I shouldn't be helping with his paperwork. But I am so proud to be a truckers wife. No, I am not a hermit (as my one bully said). I even took my daughter to town tonight. But I do love my man, and I will do anything to show him that. If that is paperwork, then count me in! Only a trucker's wife would understand! I went to town when he got in last night and made his bed and checked his cooler. He was good to go today! Did he NEED me to do that??? Nope. Did he love that I did it for him?? Yep!!!! Did I get a reward out of it?? YES! I got the reward that only a loving hubby can give his wife. And I got the reward that only God can give a loving wife.

I love being a Conservative Christian, and I love being the wife of one. I also love the rewards God gives me for it! I love being simple! I love that I made my Beloved another Christmas gift today, and my daughter one also. I love that although we need money to live, we don't need money to be happy and our self worth is not tied to money!

My bully who teaches at the "Christian" school, Said that maybe my daughter didn't think she was worth asking for anything expensive for Christmas! BOO to that!!! My daughter knows she is worth more than money can buy!! Christmas and money do NOT go hand in hand. My daughter knows that money will NEVER buy her. She knows that no boy will ever be able to buy her with any amount of money if he doesn't treat her right. I hope my bully knows her sons will not be able to "buy" a real Christian woman! We are not for sale! We are not prostitutes. GOD owns us, his word owns us. Men who are not in God and do not follow God's word do NOT own us!

Are we simple????? YES!!! Do we care about money??? NO!!!! Do we love God??? YES!!!!! Do we love our husbands with all our heart and soul???? YES!!!! Would we leave our men or cheat on them based on money??? NEVER!!! Would we play the he is not a good husband because he isn't at home card??? NEVER!!!! I hope she can learn from the rest of us! God will speak to her. She keeps coming back here for a reason! It is because God is leading her to.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Old fashioned and proud of it!!!!!

So all one has to do is Google around. Or even just look at some the the blogs I love. Being "old fashioned" is not so out of style. Does it have a bad name? Yes it does. That name is "Politically correct". It just isn't "Politically correct" to be old fashioned. Say you want to be a Stay At Home Wife, you are a "doormat". Yeah, I was called that in one comment. Want to be a good wife to your husband? You are the same "doormat"! Want to raise your children in the ways of the Bible and not the ways of man? Oh you are treating them bad! Want to give them homemade or even GASP gifts from the thrift store?? You become a child abuser!!!!

Why is this? So many of us think we have to make the most money, have the newest cell phone, give our kids the newest cell phone (and if we don't give up having a car or house so they can have it we are awful!), give our kids the biggest birthday parties, run our kids to a different sport or other activity every night,the whole nine yards. Don't forget the hundreds and thousands of dollars a year spent on those activities.

What is so wrong with being more "Old Fashioned"?

Wait!!!! Before you are so fast to answer, really think about it.

Wouldn't we all like a little more downtime? Wouldn't we all like more family dinners at home, more nights to just play cards or board games? What is so wrong with a neighborhood picnic with the kids playing soccer or basketball in the yard instead of all the nights driving miles to the "local" sports facility? And if you have several children, getting them all to a different place at the same time on the same night.

I don't think we are doing our families or our children any favors with all this crazy running around, or all the money we spend doing it all. I think being more Old Fashioned is what our children really want. ASK them! I asked not only mine, but some other children I know. Many of them said they are plain tired! I can only gather from what I was told that if given the chance, they would love things to be more old fashioned. I say we should give them a chance to find out instead of just forcing them to run every night and eat fast food on the run!

I challenge all my readers to try to live more old fashioned for a year! Many won't try it. But I am willing to bet if they did, they would find things the love about it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Old Fashioned Christmas

As we count down to Christmas, I am looking through the gift closet! I am so thrilled. Everyone who gets a gift from me this year will get at least one thing handmade! And, I know Beloved has built a couple of things also. Both kids did get what they are really wanting also! The great news is that we have not spent that much on Christmas! I think we are under $200 for everyone on my list right now! I have some things still to be delivered. Mostly for my son. But he was the hard one to do for this year. I was able to come up with a couple of useful things for him. I can't say what though in case he reads here! I can say, they are useful items he wanted! My daughter, well she is getting the one thing she really wanted. It is the only thing she asked for.

I am just so excited to have done so much by hand this year. Last year was the first year of me doing a lot of things by hand, and it was so well received that I knew I had to do it again. It has added so much fun, I just can't wait to give the stuff away! Even my daughter has done a lot of stuff by hand this year and has had a great time doing it. She still has a few things to finish though. If you haven't tried it, you should!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

See the little green box?

The one to the left of this post that says "my site my right"?. If you haven't read the whole page that takes you to, you should! It has been on my blog for ages, and I didn't write it, but it sums up my feelings pretty well! In fact it sums up the thoughts of a lot of bloggers, that is why we love that button and so many of us use it! So if you haven't, you should if you are really still wondering why your comments are not approved.

While we are on the topic of approving comments, I have to say I am pretty surprised. There are several who have responded to posts about bullies who are not happy to be called bullies, or nosy or whatever other shoe they put on. Since I never mentioned any names or anything, I am really surprised at the people who have been putting on shoes. And, those shoes seem to fit quite often it seems.

I just appreciate knowing that God is using my blog to speak to others. The fact that he is using me for his work is a great honor. To all of those behind the scenes who are helping me along and offering support, thanks so much! Know that God is also putting you to good use!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The flip side..... Are we failing our sons?

After my previous post about if we are failing our daughters, I began to wonder about our sons. I recently had a conversation with my son who is now dating a girl I think he is pretty serious about. I asked him what he wanted his wife to do when he got married. He said to me, "I want her to be able to do whatever she wants". Have we made our sons feel that this has to be their answer to their wives?

What is wrong with A man being able to say "I would like my wife to be a housewife."? But our men are no longer allowed to say that. It just isn't politically correct. Some feminist may call them a "chauvinist" if they say that. WHY??? First let me say, my husband would never tell me I am not allowed to work. But he isn't afraid to say he prefers me at home tending the home fires. And there is nothing wrong with him saying it! If I was so dead set on being a career woman, we would have needed to discuss that before we married and hope to come to an agreement. But, I am so glad he wasn't afraid to say "I really hope we can find a way for you to stay in our home, take care of our children and focus on being my wife". So many of our men are so afraid to say this.

So for the fact that our sons feel that they are not allowed to voice their opinions or tell the woman they are considering marrying that they would like them to be at home, being a wife and mother.... Well for that fact, we are failing our sons. If my son wants to say that, and the girl he is thinking of spending his life with can't get past him just suggesting it to the point they can discuss it, they shouldn't be married. So I as a mother had to take the chance to tell my son that he NEEDS to tell a girl what he really wants if he is serious about marriage. If our sons don't feel that they can do that and then hold out for a woman with the same ideas, thoughts and beliefs if need be, then we have failed our sons.

Truly blessed

It is amazing how many friends you find you really have when push comes to shove. One bully said I was showing my "true colors". I don't regret it and they must be really pretty! Because the support I have received lately from some many people and sources is unreal. A few people who were acquaintances have started to become really good friends. Some of those people have said that my blog and those I follow have become their friend with a cup of coffee in the morning. To all of you, that is just so special, and KNOW the writers of the Christian blogs I follow will thank so also. Some of you have become awesome email friends with me, and it brightens my day to hear from you!

Today has been a crazy busy day, and I have been working with Beloved as he has been dealing with a broken down truck for the second day. So I am sorry I didn't have a very good blog post ready. He is resting well tonight in a hotel, as his truck is stuck in a bay as they track down some wiring issues. He has been gone far longer than we planned this trip, and we are not sure when he will be coming home. We are thanking God for cell phones! What did a truckers wife do before them?? It is nice to know that even when he can't be here, we can still talk to him quite often. My main job the last couple of days has just been a place for him to talk about other things, and move his mind, because he has spent hours on the phone with other people just trying to deal with the truck. It is trucking after all, but coordination with so many people isn't always easy. Regardless he has learned so much about his new job these last few days. It has been kind of tiring to him I think just due to learning all the ends and outs of it all.

We are still just so thankful for his new job, and a new career is always a huge learning curve. My learning curve right now is bookkeeping and taxes. I have been studying and building spreadsheets! And of course asking questions of other wives that know more about this than I do! So lucky to have them to teach and guide me.

I thank all of you for the prayers and support, and hope I am doing as well to offer it back to those of you who have asked.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What does the Bible say about wives being submissive?

So many times, people don't want to truly believe that women are supposed to be submissive to their husbands. But it is Biblical that we are supposed to be submissive! There is a wonderful sermon about it! You can listen to it if you wish.

With all my heart and soul

That is how I believe in my God and my Husband. With all my heart and soul. They both love me regardless of who I am. They both forgive my weaknesses and sins. They both took marriage to me in a simple and easy ceremony. To one, I was baptized and washed of my sins. To the other, well I just promised to be the best wife I could be. Yet to both, it was almost the same. They both had to take me at my word. They both had to trust that I would follow my promise. Both have had people try to sway me against them. In both cases, I have had to fight to show why I trust in them.

The funny part is that neither has betrayed me. Both my husband and my God have stood by my side no matter what. Satan has tested us. For sure he has. Funny thing is that my God and my Husband even with Satan's tests have proved to be faithful!!!

I thank them both!!! I have had friends who have not been so wonderful! I have had friends who have not stood by me! If you are my friend and you have, well you know who you are! And God blesses you!

Every mile

That is what beloved said to me a bit ago. He had called me to say goodnight. We had our chat. Poor guy is racking up the phone time. Our kids talked to him earlier tonight to say goodnight. I talked to him a bit ago. We had talked and said prayers and I said the same thing I tell him every time we talk on the phone. I said "don't forget your prayers". "Every mile" he said. That is a ton of prayers! I know our wonderful, loving, graceful, forgiving God hears them all! In the morning he hopefully will get a load back this way. That won't last long, if he is lucky he will have ten hours at home. If not, then he will have them somewhere else and be off on another load. Either way, he is working hard to take care of us and give us the money he earns. In the mean time, we will be praying for our trucker. We will also be reminding everyone, if you buy it, a trucker brought it. Yeah, it doesn't seem like an important job but it is.

Also, I have one person who has been responding. She says she keeps signing her name and I won't allow her posts. She is a bully. I don't allow bullies here. This site is about not being a bully!!!! Also she won't be honest about who she is. I KNOW who she is. My stats show me that. So just be honest and DON'T be a bully!!!! There is room for everyone here who wants to be Godlike, but not those who want to be evil.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Let me say again

I will not allow someone to have a conversation as an anonymous person. I do sometimes allow anonymous people to leave comments, based on the comments. However, even my own husband had to identify himself. He posted while I was sleeping. Had he not identified himself, I would not have allowed his comment. Ok, I would have known it was him, but still he had to ID himself.

I welcome comments. I do not welcome debate. This is still as always MY site. For those of you who are enjoying it, yes I got fired from my part-time job over it. Do I regret it???? HECK NO! My bullies are basking in it. Your comments are still there for me to approve, IF I choose to embarrass you that way. Just know that I am praying for you. God does not want his people judging others. So I won't. I will just pray for you.

For my many supporters, I will not reveal you either but you have shown your support by stopping your dollars from going to certain places. I love you! Some of you I hear have sent emails in my support. Please do so if you wish, but know that I will not be endorsing any sites or accepting any money from any sites that I don't think God is leading me towards. That does not mean God does not endorse those sites. It just means that he does not lead my heart that way at the current time. Past, future and present are all different times and God has all the say!

I love all of my loyal readers. Those who just visit, well I hope you become loyal and I hope that God speaks through me to reach out to your heart! To those on the fence, well I hope that God uses my blog to show you the true love of Christ.

I just can't apologize for loving God

I can't apologize for standing up for my Christian beliefs. I can't apologize for following the ways of the God I worship. I know that recently I have upset some with my beliefs. I just can't say that I am sorry for it. I still think that God was speaking through me. I still think that I was following his word with the prayers I have said. Have I paid some price for it? Yes I have. Do I regret it? Nope. Do I think that God has commanded me to follow my heart? YES!!! I will never back down just because a few don't agree with what God tells us to believe.

If you are one of those people, well you don't have to read this blog. Yet you do! WHY? I will tell you why. It is because God is using me, and this blog to speak to your heart. I alone can't speak to your heart. Only God can really do that. And he must be! For that, I will continue to honor him and to post as he leads me to post. I close with just one thought. Ok, maybe two! First, God does love you. Second, He does want you to come to HIM. To really KNOW him. If you need help with this, I will be happy to help you....BUT, you don't need me to do it. You can pray yourself if you wish, you can look for a local church if you wish, GOD will lead you. If you need help, message me, I am here to help and God can help me to help you!

Are we failing our daughters?

Our daughters today have the best of both worlds some would say. They have "equal" rights. They get the same education as our sons do. They can apply for the same jobs our sons do. Many times even then, studies are showing they still won't get the same pay our sons do.

I don't mind my daughter having choices as she grows. But I want them to be true choices. Schools used to teach our daughters the important aspects of being a wife and mother. Cooking, sewing, child rearing. Our schools don't teach that anymore. When they do, it is an elective that many choose not to take. If we don't teach our daughters these things are we really offering them a true choice? It boils down to the fact that we as mothers have to teach these. If we don't we are doing them harm.

We look at the "old" skills that are no longer prominent. Rug making, Quilting, making ones own clothing, mending clothing, even in some cases cooking from scratch. What's wrong with that? Well the main problem I see that is when you can't do any of those things for yourself, you have NO choice. Meaning you HAVE to go buy those items, costing way more than the cost of making them yourself.

Now, I do have to say that often I can buy my family nice clothing at the thrift store for less than I could make it. But when I can't, it is nice to have the option. And if that thrift store clothing needs altered or mended, most times I can do that myself rather than paying someone else to do it. Paying someone else would add to the cost. I am not the seamstress my mother was. I truly regret not learning more from here when she was here for me to. But she had no choice, she was a single mother and HAD to work. That took a lot of time away from the other things she could have been doing, such as teaching me! And she would have, had she had the time and energy because she knew it was important.

So while we are busy giving our wonderful daughters choices, lets not forget to not take choice from them. Lets teach them the "old" skills. They are not outdated, just not well taught.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beloved has his truck almost ready

So he got his truck assignment yesterday and today we went and I got him mostly set up. I got his bed made, his clothes and groceries put away and he did a little cleaning. He already has a load to take out Monday, so I was glad to get it ready for him. I do need to figure out what I am going to cook to send him this trip. I know I am going to bake up some cinnamon rolls for his breakfasts. I think I will even make some cream cheese icing this time. That is his favorite kind on the cinnamon rolls. I don't make it that often. I still take flack for doing so much for him. I was told today I need to get out of my "situation". I had to laugh, because I don't have a "situation". I guess it is hard for people that are not loved and cared for to really understand what love is. Taking care of my hubby and my family is my most important job and I love doing it. It sure isn't a "situation" LOL. I am so sad to see people that are so sad in their lives. I sure was that way in my first marriage. That marriage was not ruled by God for sure, and it was a situation. A bad one. I guess one really has to experience true love to understand it. I have added a couple of unhappy people to my prayer list. So hopefully the rest of you can pray for them also. Just pray that they will find happiness and true love. I am sure God doesn't want to see any of his children unhappy. Of course one has to really search what God wants and be on the side of God to really sees God's love shine through. But God does have a way of working on people. And they will come to him when they are ready.

You want to love God???

Be prepared to be attacked!!! Be prepared to be called selfish. Be prepared for a lot of things! But know that God is on your side!!!! Know that Satan will NOT win. He will try, with all his might. Satan has mighty warriors. They even try to trick us. You never know where you will find them. But know that if we bound together, God will win. We have to hold hands and pray. The scripture says "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."–Matt. 18:20 I am lucky!!! I have a husband, a family and a church to pray with. If you don't, I will be happy to help you find all that. In the meantime, I will be so happy to pray with you. You can leave me a message (if you want if private say so) and I will be happy to try to help you! In Christ's love


Be careful!!!

Be careful of people and companies that say they are in our Christian beliefs!!! Look closely and educate yourself. Don't spend your money until you are sure that the money you are spending is in line with what you believe. I for one have been called a "lamb in wolves clothing" but I have not asked for any money from anyone. Others ask for money and spend it in places you wouldn't spend your own. Look up McDonalds. Look up any company before you spend your money. NOT saying you shouldn't spend it. Just saying look before you leap.

I have to thank you all

Blog hits are at an all time high!!! That means that we are going to donate more and more to my church outreach. For every hit, my church outreach makes money!!!! Yes, the bullies are coming in strong! But they are making money for the outreach so let them keep looking daily! I will be sure to post more for them to gossip about!!!