Friday, January 20, 2012

Soap making

So after researching more about coconut oil, I think I am going to start making my own soap. The thing is, Lye is not easy to get! Apparently, it is used to make drugs. You can't make soap without it. You can make detergent without it, but soap and detergent are two entirely different things. Detergent is great for laundry or dishes. Or is it? I wouldn't use it on my skin. And as someone who has been having skin issues for the last year, I want to research it more. But I would never begin to think of using laundry detergent on my skin. I do make my own laundry detergent. I have for a few years now. So why wouldn't I make my own soap? Or body wash as the case may be. I prefer body wash, Beloved likes bar soap. The kids, well they both like body wash also. I however am the only one having skin issues. So, I am looking into making my own soap using the Coconut oil. I need to look into making my own body wash also. I get it free or nearly so often enough with coupons. But if it isn't good for me or my family, I need to look into getting away from the store bought stuff and making my own. Do my other blogger friends make their own soap? If so where are your favorite places to get lye? I have found a couple of online sources. But you can get it in powder or in liquid. I can try them on my own, but if any one has suggestions, I will take them!

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  1. I placed my first order from Brambleberry on line. They are easy to deal with and always more than fair. They normally send a small fragrance sample. I ordered just one small container of lye. I would order more next time since it is the only source I buy it from. Just a tip try making 1 or 2 pounds of soap on your first try. We did 5 pounds and well for the first try it was to much. We make cold press soap. I would also use Pringles cans for molds the first time. You simply peel it off when the soap is ready. I love my homemade bar soap to wash my hands. Like you my skin is sensitive. Sometimes I go back and use sensitive skin Dove for my shower just to make sure I'm rid of the under arm odor. Oh yes, and with lye you need to download a form from your computer and sign it before you send it to them so they can send you the lye. Have fun. We have really enjoyed making soap and will make it again. They also have videos online to guy you through the process. Fun!