Monday, November 19, 2012

As we rush into the holidays

I wanted to take a minute as we rush into the holidays to ask you to consider helping a child or family in need.  Many families struggle to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table and a holiday gift is out of the question.  It is easy to help someone.  Many areas have the Angel Tree program where you can pick a child and buy a gift.  Some of them list wants, some only needs.  I personally try to get at least one of each if possible.  Years ago, when I was with my ex husband, I got help at Christmas for my son.  Now, I try to repay it every chance I get.  This year, we are able to adopt a family and even provide the Christmas meal, due to using coupons and such.  As of right now, I only need to get green beans and a turkey for their box of food.  I am considering giving a gift card for the turkey haven't decided yet.  The family has two children that Erica and I will shop for, we always have great fun doing that.  There is nothing that sets you in the mood of Christmas more than giving in my opinion.  If you have never tried it, I challenge you to it just may push you right into the true spirit of Christmas.

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  1. that was a nice post, and a nice thing that you do. I am currently one of those families in crisis right now, luckily, its not about having things, but about having people. Anyway, the whole time I have been thinking, " im going to help someone out when i get through this." God blesses us through people, thank you for being one of those people. So keep doing what you are doing, and maybe it will catch on. Hope you have a merry Christmas.