Friday, April 27, 2012

Items every frugal kitchen must have

I look back to when I started my first home.  I was so clueless!  I have been remembering that in trying to make lists of things my children will HAVE to have when they start their own homes.  Many household things you can get cheap at thrift stores.  Sheets, towels, pillowcases, dishes those things are all plentiful and dirt cheap on half price day.  But what about the things that are really important?  For me, most of those purchases are in the kitchen.  I hope this post will teach other young ladies (and men) what I have learned is important to spend money on in the kitchen and what can wait.

RULE 1 in the kitchen.  You CANT cook a decent meal without good cookware!

When I first started out, I went out and bought the cheapest set of pots and pans I could find.  And for many years, it continued that way.  Everything scorched and burned.  The pans were just to thin on the bottom and the heat went to the pan and burned instead of cooking the food.  I am not saying spend a fortune on pans.  My first good set came from JCPenny on sale and on a day when your largest purchase was 15% off.  I paid around $50 for a $200 set of good pans.  Play the sales game, go out and hunt, hunt, hunt know what you are looking at, and what it is worth.  Hopefully by the point you are buying pots and pans, you will know what ones you will use most.  Often, you won't use everything in a set.  Often you are better off buying individual pieces.

RULE 2 in the kitchen.  You HAVE to have a cast iron skillet with lid.

Forget all the non-stick stuff.  OK, don't I keep one good quality non-stick skillet in the house for things like eggs.  But it doesn't get much use.  When I first got out and started my own house, I was afraid of cast iron.  I wanted things to be non-stick.  It took a couple of years for someone to teach me that cast iron IS non-stick.    When my son was two, my mom and granny asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  I told them I wanted a cast iron skillet.  I got two.  They went together.  Mom got me a smaller one with a lid.  Granny got me a big one with no lid (she wanted the lid but it wasn't sold at that store).   That was 19 years ago.  I still use the big skillet all the time.  The smaller one, not so much lol.  And Beloved did finally purchase me a lid for it.  This skillet has been on the stove, in the oven, in the campfire, on the camp stove, on charcoal.  It is still going strong!  It is worn a bit in the middle, but still in good shape overall.  Beloved bought me a new one a few years ago it has never been used.  Old Faithful will be replaced....  When one of my kids moves out and I part with it in loving tears of all the memories of all the great meals it has cooked.  It gets used weekly, sometimes several times a week.  This week it got used twice already.

RULE 3 in the kitchen.  Find out what knives you use often, and GET good ones.

In a set of knives, you will find you usually use one or two for cooking.  I am not talking about steak knives here, but cooking knives.  I have two I use.  Spend the money on those two.  The rest keep around out of a cheaper set, but the two you use daily, several times a day, get good ones!

RULE 4 in the kitchen.  A good quality and large electric skillet.

Non-stick here is preferred.  I can get two large pancakes, or three medium in mine at once.  I can make six grilled cheese sandwiches or slices of french toast in mine.  And my Beloved who loves fried potatoes loves it when I fill it up!  This is one place where you just can't go wrong on a busy night!

RULE 5 in the kitchen.  Cloth napkins rule!

Use cloth napkins.  They will save you a ton.  Or save the napkins for company and use dishcloths for everyday use.  If you have young children, wet a dishcloth and put it under their plate.  It will keep the plate from sliding away from them on the table, and when they are done it can be used to wipe their face and hands!

Sure there are other important things in the kitchen, we all need plates, bowls, glasses, cups.  Many of those we can start with from the thrift store and as we can afford to we can fill in later with things we prefer.  Those things will also change with our family.  We will move from bottles to sippy cups to a lot of plastic cups and on to more glass stuff as little hands can handle it.  People with many children sometimes like plastic so they can color code the children's items for various reasons.  But the above items are important because they are the ones that will last us many years and help cook many great meals.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frugal uses for those last bits

We  all have them, those last bits of things.  The ketchup inside the bottle, the shampoo inside the bottle, the last sliver of a bar of soap.  But that doesn't mean we have to waste them!  I will share my uses for the last bits, and of course anyone else can also.  And of course others will have bits and pieces I didn't think of, but they will chime in I am sure!

The last bits of bars of soap are an easy one for me.  I save them until I make laundry soap again.  They get ground up to use in my laundry soap.  But, they can also be used if you make your own loofahs, just put a slit in them for those bits of soap and use your loofah as normal!  Of course, you can always use a new bar and put it in the dish on top of the old.  When they dry they will stick together as one.

The last bits of a bottle of ketchup, well those are pretty simple!  I put a tiny bit of water in the bottle and swish it around.  I use that in anything where I would use tomato sauce.  Or, if I am making up some BBQ sauce or baked beans, I use it in there.  The last bits of a mustard bottle, I do the same and use in BBQ sauce or baked beans.

A bit of soda pop in a two liter bottle that has gone flat, can be used in plain gelatin to make it the flavor of the soda.

Pickle juice, I use in cooking.  I often put some in a batch of chili.  It can be used in other things also.  Where you just want a little dill flavor.  Just be careful, it can be strong and will thin a sauce if you use to much.

Of course there are those things that are obvious.  Shampoo, conditioner, the last of liquid soaps, a little water can be added and get enough out for two or three more uses easy.  But what if it is a full bottle of shampoo that you tried that you hate?  Wait until your liquid soap dispenser is empty add 1/4 of the bottle of water and add the rest full of shampoo.  Shake it up, and use it as hand soap.  I add the water, because I think the shampoo needs thinned down a bit to use as hand soap.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

As the weather gets warmer

Don't forget to start carrying your water bottle or cup with a lid!  The cost of buying drinks out adds up, especially if you have several people that need a drink!  This is perhaps one of my most frugal summer ideas.  It can be hard to remember, but if you try to get in the habit of filling it and taking it when you leave, it gets easier to remember.

Also don't forget that those in really hot climates will make great use of a cooler in the trunk for groceries such as meats, ice cream or other cold items.  This is very important if you live quite far from your store!

As you put away winter clothing, look it over.  Is it worn out?  Will it fit next year (more a question of children's clothing), if it won't fit next year, will it fit a sibling and be kept?  Sorting as you put the items away will make it easier when you take them out again.  Don't forget if you have young ones who won't be able to wear them next year, that you may have friends who you can trade with.  Maybe they have one a little older and one a little younger than yours, so that trading will work well!  Quality children's clothing often survives several children.

Take advantage of warm dry days to wash things like heavy blankets before they get put away.  The warm days save a lot of money being able to dry these items outside.  Many times we don't think of them again until we need them.  If they were put away clean and fresh, they will be ready to go again when needed.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am so proud of Beloved and more about a trucker's life

Beloved's company got three brand new trucks this week.  Brand new Peterbuilt trucks right off the line.  Beloved was talking to his boss who told him if he wanted a new one, "it's yours, you have earned it".  I am so proud of Beloved for that.  Beloved looked at them last night, and decided against one.  They are smaller (the company went with this due to better mileage when they chose them), and Beloved's Fridge and microwave just won't fit.  He said he would rather stay in his current truck, even though it breaks down a lot with 800 thousand miles on it.  But his boss told him, that he has some guys moving out of newer trucks, that Beloved may be interested in, and that he will be looking for one that may accommodate Beloved's wishes, AND if one comes open he likes, the shop can help him install his fridge and such if some changes need made.  The new ones, they can't do that with because they are on lease.  But I am so proud of Beloved.  The fact that his boss feels like he "earned" it.  For someone who has been in the industry for about six months, that isn't a small feat!

Beloved's Microwave and fridge are important to him, because he doesn't stop generally.  Most of his stops are because he has to drop or pick up a load, or he has to get fuel.  He doesn't stop to eat at restaurants at all.  Once in awhile, if he has to stop for fuel or something, he will get a sandwich or something at the truck stop.  If he is broke down, he will splurge on eating out sometimes.  I have learned there are at least two types of truck drivers.  The ones who stop often to eat out, and the ones who don't are the major two types I have learned about.  Beloved has been in the truck with both, either in training or when broke down and being picked up by another driver or going to recover a truck.  He used those trips to help decide how he wants to do things.  One major thing, is that if you are going to stop often, you have to leave sooner.  He prefers the time at home.  On a back haul, he can't really leave sooner, but those stops keep him from getting home as early.  There are some drivers who don't have family at home, some of them live in their trucks all the time.  I guess it doesn't really matter to them and they make choices based on different things.  Drivers with a wife and/or kids at home always seem to make decisions based on that!

So what do truck drivers who don't stop to eat out eat?  The same things as you and I!  I often send him leftovers from home.  I also often send him things I have home canned.  He also has other canned items in his truck.  Beef stew, raviolis, chicken and dumplings, soups (the kind you don't have to add water to for ease), canned fruits.  As fruit and veggies come into season more, he is looking forward to me sending him fresh fruits and veggies.  In his electric cooler that he keeps right next to his seat, he keeps diet soda, bottled water and his "cold pack".  His cold pack always has cheese sticks in it.  Usually some kind of lunch meat (for a quick sandwich), maybe some sliced meat such as pepperoni.  Sometimes, I will sneak some kind of treat in his cold pack.  Today it was a couple of Cadbury eggs that I got at 75% off.

As you may have guessed, a truck driver looks forward to eating a good home cooked meal when they get home.  The requests come weekly, and I am always happy to try my best to accommodate!  This week, it is potato salad and grilled chicken.  The potatoes are already boiled, tomorrow I will finish that and make sure I have the chicken.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recycling clothing and other household material

We all have materials in our home that can be recycled. Worn out clothing, towels, sheets and the like still very often have a lot of useable material in them. The first thing I recycle on clothing is the buttons. I always cut those off before I do anything with an old worn out piece of clothing. Sometimes I can match a missing button, if not I often have enough matching ones to change all the buttons on something that has a missing button.

What is left of worn out clothing can be cut into quilt squares. What is left of a sheet with holes or wear may be enough material to back that same quilt.

What is left of worn out towels may be enough to make dish towels or dish cloths. Just hem around the edges.

What is left of worn our towels my also be used to make re-useable diaper wipes. Even if you add a little bleach to your wash water, it won't matter you aren't after looks here anyway!

Old worn out blue jeans can be used to make patches for other jeans.

Old worn out blue jeans can be used to make quilted pot holders.

The same blue jeans can also be used in a quilt or to make a purse or duffel bag!

Sheets are just huge pieces of material that can be used for almost anything. I have made quilt tops with them, I have made doll clothing with them.

I have used old sheets to make laundry bags for travel. Beloved has two in his semi, to bring dirty clothes home in. I wash it when I do the laundry and send it back out clean with his clean laundry in it.

Just yesterday I bought three sheets at the thrift store. Two flannel to make some new Pjs for myself and one to make a sundress for around the house this summer. Of course I look for good quality sheets for these kinds of projects, but you would be amazed how many are available at thrift stores for such little money.

Worn fleece blankets can be cut down to cut the worn parts off and be used as pet bedding. Or you can leave the worn parts on there, the pets don't mind. I wash all pet blankets in the same load in hot water!

So although not everything we are finished with can be handed down or donated, there are other uses if we look for them. It keeps things out of the landfill longer, and on top of that, it helps us stretch our dollars farther. Some of the things we use these recycled materials on make great Christmas or Birthday gifts. So we can feel good about not being wasteful with our supplies or our money! There are tons of other things we can do with these items. So next time you have an old pair or jeans or some old towels to throw out, give them just a couple minutes thought first!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update on blog change

After many emails, a lot of thought, and discussion with some friends, I have changed my mind.  I am not going to let one or two people steal my joy.  Nor will I allow them to make me feel I need to hide from them.  Thanks to all of you who emailed and let me know your thoughts, your thoughts did help in my decision!  This blog will be continuing as always, open to everyone.  There is after all no point in me sharing my knowledge and that of others if the people that want or need to read it can't. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Recycling tips: Recycling a milk jug

I want to add a new area to the blog.  An area to share ideas of recycling.  So here it is!  Recycling is not just good for our environment, but it is perhaps one of the most frugal things we can do.  Why buy something when you already have it right at your fingertips?  Today we will start with something most all of us, milk jugs. 

So here is my list of ways to recycle them! 

1.  Put water in your milk jug and freeze it.  This works if your freezer is not full to save on energy use.  They can also be used in your cooler, as these big hunks of ice last a long time.  In an emergency, they can be thawed and used for things like flushing the toilet.  I personally am leery about drinking the water, because I don't feel I can get them clean enough.

2.  Cut them in half.  The top can be used as a funnel or as a cover for young plants in case of a late spring freeze.  If cut at an angle the top can be used as a scoop.  The bottom can be used as a starter for plants if you drill some holes in the bottom before adding dirt.

3.  The plastic can be cut to use as a template for something such as quilting squares.

4.  Kill slugs in your garden.  Cut the bottom shallow, dig a hole that it will fit in so it is under the soil level.  Fill with sugar and yeast water.

5.  Let the kids use them for art.  Cut them so they can be used to make a mask, let the kids decorate them!

6.  Wash and allow to dry.  Store your rock salt for your driveway in them.  It ends the problem of the broken bag, and easily pours from this container.

I know there are many other uses for these!  And the plastic takes years to decompose in the landfill.  Reusing them does not help them decompose faster, but at least we are getting all we can from it before we throw it out!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My favorite things

Of course first and foremost, I love the God who give me everlasting life.  And after that, I love my Beloved and my children.  But there are other things.  I think of Oprah's list of favorite things.  So I thought I would do a short list of my favorite things!  The order here, means nothing it is not a list that sorts out order, in fact, everyone is equal I think!

1.  I love friends who support me.  Those who are there to lift me up when I am down.  Maybe they are bloggers, maybe they are in my everyday life.  But they are friends and support me.

2.  I love new friends!  Those who I meet on my blog that I didn't know I had.  They are awesome!

3.  I love other bloggers.  Those who teach me to be frugal, self sufficient, or a better person in some way!

4.  I love people with a teachers heart.  They may be older than me, they can be younger than me.  But they want to teach me something.

5.  I love people who share the love of God!  Maybe we share in Bible study, maybe we share in a picnic, but we share the love of God!

6.  I love OLD friends.  The ones who have been with me thick and thin.  The ones who really know me, honestly know me and still love me for who I am.

I know I will continue to add to this list.  This is a short list I know.  But I hope to show those I appreciate and love that I really do love them!  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Frugal cooking

I have been working on trying new recipes.  One of my favorite recipe books is the More With Less Cookbook.  I tried a chicken recipe from it last week.  I changed the recipe a bit, as I always do.  But basically it was chicken in a baking pan with a honey, mustard, salt, pepper, whatever other seasonings I added basting sauce.  Poured over the chicken and baked.  Basting every so often.  For the real recipe, buy the cookbook.  It is one of the few I own.  I don't buy many cookbooks, but this one is a must have even though I did change up the recipe some based on the tastes of my family.  The one in the book called for curry seasoning.  I don't buy it, we don't use it.  But the cookbook is full of frugal recipes that can be changed a bit to make work for your family. 

There are few recipe books I buy.  But the above is one of them!  Another is the Fanny Farmer Cookbook.  I love that one.  It is full of real cooking recipes.  GREAT for new housewives, and anyone who cooks "normal" things.  NOT full of things not in most pantries.  In fact, I learned to cook with Fanny Farmer and Food Network!  I have given up cable, so no longer have Food Network, and honestly what I saw after a few years they lost the teaching aspect and went to the fancy things that I would never do.  But Fanny Farmer was a great teacher.  My husband LOVES what I learned from Fanny Farmer.  I honestly couldn't cook when we got married even though I had been married almost ten years before him.  I worked full time, and just never learned.  My husband is a real meat and potatoes man.  He will give those up for biscuits and gravy!  He lived through packet gravy (you know the just add water stuff?) for a long time before I learned to make gravy.  Who knew gravy was so darn easy????

I have learned that Gravy was a thing that was used to stretch meat back when meat was a treat.  Now, we eat way more meat than we need.  I think we need to go back to good gravies over rice or noodles.  Yes, we have to watch the amount of carbs.  We have to have more veggies than carbs and meats.  But if we look at the normal plate of most Americans, Meat is the main thing on the plate.  Veggies should be!

Going into spring and summer, we should all focus on putting more veggies on our plates and less meat and carbs!  It can be more expensive, but not this time of year if we grow our own and can our extras!

And to that end, lets all try to learn some of the old recipes and how to work with them!  I for one plan to try to learn to work with greens more.  I am going to try collard greens!  I have been afraid of them.  But for at least one meal, we are going to eat them!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Frugal Vacation Planning and a word on Preppers

Let me start with a word on preppers.  Many people look at a prepper and think we are full of fear about doomsday.  Nothing could be father from the truth.  In fact, I personally have no fear about "doomsday" because I for one think it is going to be a wonderful day.  Being a child of God, and believer in Christ, there will be no doom in it for me!  And I won't need to be a prepper at that time!  For me, being a prepper has nothing to do with the end of time disaster that many fear.  For me, being a prepper has everything to do with being ready for a power failure, a major storm, a terrorist attack any scenario like that.  Remember Katrina?  So many people hungry and thirsty because they were unprepared, and waiting for big government to save them?  We just can't do that, we have to be prepared to care for ourselves in a rough situation.  Preppers can also be prepared for other things, like frugal vacations using their skills and supplies to help cut costs!

Now for a word on Frugal Vacations!

I am not sure we will have any time to get away for a vacation at all this year, but if we do it will be a simple and frugal one.  And having done them in the past many times, I won't require a lot of planning for it.  But for someone who is new at trying to cut costs on vacation, it may seem like a ton of planning!  But it is well worth it and each time, it gets easier!  So first you have to ask yourself a bunch of questions and get the answers to them.

1.  Where will you go?  Your own state?  A different state?  To a lake?  (There are other places such as to an exotic resort, or on a cruise, but I don't consider those frugal and would likely never do them, therefore I won't cover those here!).  One of our favorite things to do is stay within our own state and see new places or old places in a different way.  This is where you have to let your creativity run wild!

2.  How will you get there?  Bus.plane, car?  This is an important question.  It limits what you can take with you!  For us by far the most frugal way is by car, and unless we will be staying with family, (and often times even then) it is the only way to travel as far as I am concerned.

3.  Where will you stay?  With family?  In a tent?  In a hotel?  In a camper?  All of these are doable and of course some are more frugal than others.  However even a hotel can be frugal if you do it right.  Look for coupon codes!  Many times, you can find a cheaper rate, and if not you may be able to get a free room upgrade.  With a hotel I always look for free breakfast, and I try to find a room with a fridge and a microwave.  If you will be staying in the same place for several days, don't be afraid to hit the local thrift store and grab a cheap crock pot.  While you are out during the day having fun or seeing the sites, dinner can be cooking in your room on the cheap!  If you do the crock pot, I suggest splurging for the liners, they make clean up easier.  And if you need any cooking utensils go ahead and pick them up while you are at the thrift store.  These things can be re-donated when you leave, they don't have to be fancy or the best quality, just enough to do the job at hand!

4.  Where will you eat?  When we travel by car, I always take two coolers.  One electric one (that also plugs into 12 volt) to use in the car for drinks and such.  Some things like extra water bottles can be frozen to keep the other things colder in here longer.  They can be drank later when they thaw.  My other cooler always has the meat in it.  I freeze what I won't be using the first day or two.  That keeps the cooler colder on less ice.  Also, I will freeze a two liter bottle or milk jug of water, these blocks of ice last several days, and save you tons of money on buying bags of ice.  Sometimes, a trip to the store is needed during the trip, but that is fine and sometimes a great way to change things up.  In the summer, look for roadside stands and farmers markets to try new fruits and veggies!  Cooking is never a problem!  I always take my grilling supplies.  Almost every park and almost every roadside rest stop has a grill.  Many also have restrooms and outdoor water available for things like rinsing off utensils and such.  Don't forget your aluminum foil!  It is great for wrapping veggies and such on the grill.  You really can cook pretty much anything on a grill that you can at home.  I have even baked bread in the grill!  Don't forget your home canned items.  I have canned beef stew and canned veggies.  Add an extra can of beef broth and maybe some water and that is an awesome crock pot meal in a hotel room, all you need is bread!

One of my favorite road trip meals on a rest stop grill!  Pork loin seasoned with the juice of a lemon, seasoned salt and pepper.  Fresh ears of corn, and any canned veggies we have with us.  Cooks fairly quickly and easily and tastes wonderful.  Requires no pans!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A great frugal good time!

Today was a busy day.  On Easter, we always have an extra service at church, a Sunrise service.  And we always have breakfast.  So we went to Sunrise service this morning, it was AMAZING.  And breakfast was so good.  It is always simple on Easter, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, baked apples and doughnuts.  The lady that always cooks the apples and the gravy is an AWESOME cook.  Of course it wasn't a huge breakfast, there had to be enough for everyone but it is a nice treat to have such a wonderful homemade breakfast.

Then, we went to the Reds game!  We have been in Ohio six years, but this is the first Reds game we have been to.  I wanted to take the kids a couple of years ago, but the budget didn't allow it.  So this year, Erica got two free tickets for her Honor Roll grades, and the others half price!  So for $14 we got to go.  We of course took our own food and drinks.  We took hotdogs, buns, bottles of water and the little flavoring packs for them (Beloved will use the extra water bottles and fruit punch and lemonade packs in his truck). I took little containers of mustard, ketchup and dill relish.  I also took chips and cookies.  We saved a ton doing that, as they were selling bottles of water for $5.25!  If you ever go to an event, I suggest you know the rules ahead of time.  Look it up online, or call ahead.  We already knew that we could take food and drinks in as long as we had collapseable coolers.  So Erica and I took our big "duffel bag" purses.  Not really a dufell bag, but a huge purse.  And we took a collapsible lunch box with a Pyrex heating pad to keep the hot dogs warm.  They do search your bags, but hey no biggie, we had nothing in there we didn't want them to see!  Oh and one big rule at our stadium, drink containers (water bottles, pop cans, etc have to still be sealed shut).  Our big expense?  Parking.  $17 to park!  There were cheaper lots, but we had never been there before and didn't find them in time, they would have been a much longer walk.  But we may go again this summer, and if we do, we will know!  All in all, it was an awesome family day!  Even though Erica and I are a little sunburned!  So if you want to go to an event, but the cost is stopping you, try to find ways to save money!  It was still a great family day even though we looked for frugal ways to do it!  And it was a great reward for Erica having such great grades.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

This blog is changing

There will be another blog that is tied to this one that will be by invite only. I hate to make this change, but for now it is something I must do. This blog address will still have some posts, but the private one will have more. This is a move that must be taken. I value all my readers, however there are those that do not appreciate the freedom of speech. I hope all understand, and I hope all my followers will continue to follow me here and understand that big brother (or big attorneys who overstep their bounds) are watching.  If you are a regular follower, please comment with your name, email address, state you reside and username.  If all the above match the criteria and I can prove you are who you say you are, you will be invited to the other blog.  If in doubt, send me an email and I can deal with it from there!  I know who my regular readers, commenters, etc are.  I want to keep all of you who are important to this blog!  The companies who are using this blog to their benefit have to go!!!  This is a private blog and will continue to be so!  I reserve the right to free speech!

Friday, April 6, 2012

In a recent post I featured Trucker Steve

I was looking through more of his videos and found he lost the youngest son in the featured video in 2010. Video here. I can't imagine loosing such a young child. I also can't imagine loosing them when your job had you away so often. I am going to continue to show Trucker Steve here. He is the American Trucker! I know I am behind on his videos, but he has videos that so many people need to see to be able to really understand the American Trucker.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Frugal Easter Ideas

Every year, I think back and remember what I used to spend on Easter baskets! It was crazy! But over the years I have gotten better at doing it far more frugally. The first The thing I do to save some money, I can't claim the credit for. It was the idea of a friend of my Beloved. I have to say I at first thought it somewhat odd, but quickly fell in love with the idea. We never buy Easter Baskets. We always get them something they need, and it becomes the basket. So it may be a new trashcan or laundry basket for the bedroom. One year it was storage trunks. But it is always something they can use. Then they get very little candy. But you can score some deals on it at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens ahead of time. I also shop year round for other items. A T-shirt they may like at a clearance price, one year I got new beach towels for $3 on clearance. I know that Wal-mart has school supplies on the clearance rack right now. Maybe a few replacement items, or even something for the home desk. I was in line at the store the other day who said her husband asked her to keep it under $50. To me $50 is a little excessive for Easter. Some of these ideas may be to late for you this year, but keep them in mind for next.

On the other side of things, I often wonder why people who do not believe in God celebrate Easter? To me Easter is very important. Equally as important at Christmas if not more important. Easter is the fulfillment of the promise. On Good Friday, Christ went to the cross for ours sins. He promised he would return in three days, and he did. This shows us the importance of the promise that he will return again. In the 33 years he lived, he never broke a promise, he kept his last one even in death. So celebrate, have a great time! Have a great meal, but please remember to thank God for giving his son as a sacrifice and Jesus for being the sacrificial lamb so to speak.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I was looking over the stats tonight and Summer reading for Erica

And there is almost a tie between the two kinds of posts you all are reading! One of the topics hit most is about being a Christian wife. The other is about saving money and being generally frugal.

I always find it interesting to check the stats and see who is reading and what they are reading. Also always interesting to get the comments even when many of them are not posted for one reason or another. One of the biggest reason for comments not being posted, is I am asked not to. Many times there is an email addy or such attached!

But I do enjoy all the messages and all the things I learn from my stats!

One thing that goes along with being a wife/mother/homemaker is the reading project Erica and I are going to do this summer. We do some type of "home school" every summer, however it isn't nearly the time that one would do in an actual session and often it is one or two categories. So this year, we are going to study the book Preparing To Be a Help Meet. It is a partner book to the book Created to be a help meet. A friend sent me that one, and I really enjoyed it. I am always striving to be a better Christian wife, and hope that I am becoming better every day! I hope to give my sweet and wonderful daughter a head start!

Many of my readers will agree with me on this! There are some that will not. Sadly, there are many who will bash Christian wives who follow what they believe God wants from them. The comment from one person I received on the blog, was that I am a "doormat". That made me sad. But not for me, for HER. You see there is a real joy in knowing that your husband loves you totally and completely. Knowing that he holds you higher than anyone or anything, with the exception of course of God. But, it is hard to have that kind of a man if you are not giving that back! Respect and love are two way streets. And they are both lanes of the same street! Nope, no doormats here, neither I or my wonderful husband. For either one of us to teach each other as such, would be treating God as such. We are told so in this verse...

Ephesians 5:22-33 (English Standard Version)

22 Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.

25 Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, 26 that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, 27 so that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish.[a] 28 In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. 29 For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church, 30 because we are members of his body. 31 “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” 32 This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church. 33 However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.

So for those who want to say I am going to spend my summer teaching my daughter to be a doormat. Well hold your horses!!! Because what I am really doing is teaching her not to be one, but instead to be loved by a man as he loves Christ!