Monday, July 23, 2012

The tragedy in Colorado

I have put off writing about this.  I have been praying, and most of all wondering.  Wondering why in the world someone would do something so horrible.  To victimize people who did him no wrong.  But at this point, I am hearing on the news that the theater will likely be turned over to the owners Wednesday, the 25th of July.  Right now, I am hoping and praying that the business insurance for this building and the owners can come to an agreement to shut this theater down.  Not that the theater did anything wrong, they didn't at all.  But I can't imagine going in there and knowing it is sacred ground where innocent people died.  I think there should be a monument on this spot.  Perhaps the theater should stand, and become a monument.  I know that means a loss to someone, but after the loss of life, and the loss of innocence of so many children who survived.  I know the hand of God was in that theater.  I read on one blog how the blogger was there because her teen children wanted to see the movie and she took them, and how the hand of God was with them and gave them peace during the event.  And other stories are the same.  Some died, giving their lives to protect the ones they loved.  I know some would say that to make this site a memorial would make the shooter win.  I see it differently.  He didn't win.   The survivors and hero's that were there that night won.  The people who loved enough not to leave their loved ones injured when they could have ran.  The people who helped the injured as they came out.  So many hero's that overshadow the evil that was there that night.  I pray for them all, and I pray for the site.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

VBS and FREE HAIRCUTS for school!

Wow VBS has really worn me out.  I only really help an hour a night with the recreation, and I have had the Youth Pastor and the youth helping me!  In fact, the Youth Pastor has done far more of the work than I have.  But I am competely worn out.  I know it is due to my Fibro.  Today the pain has hit, but the Youth Pastor had plans for today.  If the thunderstorms pass that is.  I think I may see if I can have a night of rest.  I know if I don't I may not be able to more tomorrow.  I have had a great time with the kids though.  The kids have been so well behaved.

And as the title says there are FREE haircuts for the kids being offered.  They are at JcPenney.  The cut off is sixth grade, but hey that is free haircuts for a lot of kids!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Loved this post on another blog

Read it folks!  It is great stuff!!!


A fun yet sad night

Tonight we went out to dinner.  We met up with many of the truck drivers that Beloved works with.  Their favorite dispatcher is leaving, today was her last day.  The dinner was a surprise.  So was the calendar she got with pictures the drivers took last weekend with all the drivers in front of a semi.  And the rest with a picture of them all with no shirts and then individual ones.  She was thrilled from the moment she found out that everyone was waiting for her in the banquet room.  She is so awesome, always tries to understand the guys and keep them happy.  Her boss (and the boss of the drivers) was always just happy that all the outgoing loads were taken care of and he didn't have to worry about them.  It is so hard to loose her, but she is going to be using her degree and we all hope she is happy doing that.  However our being happy for her does not decrease our sadness!  The guys all still have her cell number.  I am sure they will call her often and her Fiance is awesome with it, he is a week into being a truck driver himself!  Shannon, we LOVE you and will miss you!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Looks like a busy week coming up

Next week is VBS at church, and I am going to be helping with recreation time!  I have not helped with anything like this in quite some time, and I am looking forward to it!  Of course we are always looking for new ideas for outdoor activities during this time!  If you have any good ideas, I will take them!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Because you don't know what you don't know

Yes, that is a line from a song.  But it is true!  People just don't know what they don't know.  And I try to educate here.  I try to educate about all kinds of things.  From being frugal to simple living.  But I also try to educate about the tough job of our truck drivers and this is one of those posts.

There are many who want to pass laws for semi drivers.  One such law that they try to push for the "environment" is Anti-idle laws.  Those laws say that the truck drivers can't run their trucks when they are sleeping, either to keep up with hour of service laws or waiting for loads to be loaded or unloaded.  But those who push these laws are not always honest.  First of all, if the drivers do not run the trucks, they don't have heat or air conditioning.  Do you want to sleep in your car in the winter with no heat?  How about when it is almost 100 degrees, do you want to sleep in your car with the windows closed with no air?  That is basically what truck drivers have to do if they can't idle the trucks.  The sleepers have very little if any air flow when the truck is not running.

Yes, the environment is important.  But what many fail to say is that the newer trucks (and companies with fleets generally run newer trucks for better fuel mileage), are a lot better on the environment than the old ones.  As with anything else, technology keeps getting better and better.

The point of this post?  Well to educate and to make you think.  Can you sleep in extreme cold or extreme heat and still be healthy enough to drive 11 hours a day?  The 10 hours that are required in the sleeper birth are important.

And EVERY trucking company REQUIRES that after that 10 hours, the driver be behind the wheel and ready to take off again.  If the law was for less hours in the sleeper, companies would require less hours.  In fact, many already do require less hours and to keep a job, drivers have to fudge paperwork.  Yep, it is against the law to require that of a driver, but many companies do and then drivers have to choose between a job and the unemployment line.

The bottom line is that the drivers need the trucks to idle to rest well.  Being well rested is important to the safety of all of us on the roads.  So please say NO to anti-idle laws.