Thursday, August 23, 2012

LL Bean back to school sale

LL Bean is having their back to school sale.  That means 20% off of backpacks and lunch boxes. Also FREE shipping.  Erica has a backpack and lunchbox from there that she has had three years.  They stand behind the products, and they are high quality.  I highly suggest them.   They are machine washable also!  Her lunchbox and her backpack have been through the wash several times and still look great.  I have returned to them once, and it was an easy return process with no hassles.  LINK.

Also I had my carpel tunnel surgery Tuesday.  Seems to have gone well, but I am still having quite a lot of pain.  So I will be keeping blog posts short for awhile.  My palm and arm are very bruised, I am guessing from the camera and all the other tools they had in there.  I just hope that soon I am back to normal.  Well hopefully better than normal since I had the carpel tunnel for at least 15 years before it just finally got so bad it had to get fixed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Its official. And my smart girl!

Well it is official, my surgery for carpel tunnel is next week.  Supposed to be a small quick thing.  So why I am having so much anxiety?  Human nature maybe.  I will be glad to have my strength back and have less pain though!

Hard to believe that Erica starts 8th grade tomorrow.  She has her schedule already and I am scared for her!  She has three advanced classes this year.  Math, Language Arts, and Science!  She has been in advanced math the last two years and done well, but three advanced classes, well I hope she settles into the challenge well.  The good thing for her is that at the end of the year since she has been in advanced math all of middle school, she will start high school next year with 1 math credit.  She won't get that on the others, since this is her first year in advanced. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I can't believe it is almost time for school to start

School starts again next week!  The summer has flown by, we have been so busy.  Erica has a ton of activities right now.  Sunday, we went to the Reds game.  We got her tickets for her birthday along with the shirt of her favorite player.  When she got free tickets for her grades and we went earlier this year, I didn't expect her to take such an liking to it.  I really have a tough time at the games, my fibromyalgia makes it hard to have fun at such things.  I have to push though to continue to give her a normal life.  Tomorrow, she has a retreat with the youth group.  The youth pastor is taking the boys on one, and his wife has the girls for one.  The girls are staying at the youth pastor's house, but they have a lot of fun activities planned.  She is looking forward to it.  Yesterday we went to the thrift store and got her the rest of the clothes she needs for school.  We always get a few things now and then in January if she needs something replaced we try to do that.  She got three pairs of jeans and some shirts yesterday.  I will have to hem her jeans.  I always have to for some reason we just can't find anything to fit her in the legs.  It isn't a big deal though since I hem them in a way where you can't really tell and the factory hem still shows, and it only takes a few minutes per pair since there is no cutting involved.    So many girls never learn anything about sewing anymore.  I am not an excellent seamstress at all, but highly advise girls and even boys to take classes to at least learn some basic sewing skills.  A few basic skills and you can save a ton of money by doing your own simple alterations.  She also found a new swimsuit she needed a new one pretty badly, and they were half price!  I let her pick two at that price so she is set for the rest of this season and next year as well.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What did they expect to hear?

When you ask someone who runs a company that is proud to say they are a Christian company.  When a Christian stands behind the Bible, we are supposed to be surprised?  Let me add here that I would never refuse to be friends with someone because of something like being gay, anymore than I would if they were Hispanic, black or Chinese.  But that doesn't mean I have to encourage that choice.  I don't have to go around and tell people I think it is ok to do something that is specifically mentioned in the Bible as wrong, just as I don't have to treat someone badly because of it.  In fact, it is my job to let the love of God shine and let them see that I can still love them even if they are living on the other side of the Bible.  What other way can we bring them to Christ?  In the same way, Chic-Fil-A has not refused to serve people whose beliefs they don't agree with.  They have just stated that they stand behind the Bible.  Why is it that people want to boycott them because of that?  There was a time in this country when they would have been boycotted for not standing with the Bible.  Yes, he was asked a direct question and he gave a direct answer.  What is so wrong with that?  It would be different if they refused to hire because of it, or refused to serve because of it, but that is not what is happening here.

It scares me what this country is turning into.  We seem to have really lost the base that our country was founded on.  When it is more popular to go against the Bible than with it, we are headed for scary situations.