Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You have to hurry on this deal!

A great cheap gift for your daughter or any girl on Valentines day!  Go to Amazon (use the link here if you want) and order this heart shaped pendant necklace for only 69 CENTS and free shipping!  Got it free with my Swagbuck amazon money! 


  1. I found you doing a google search and am enjoying your posts. Did your necklace arrive? I didn't order this one, but did order two more that were very cheap! thanks for posting!

  2. Welcome to the blog, I am thrilled to have you here!

    Mine has not arrived yet, but I don't really need it until Feb 14 as a little gift to my daughter. I do know it has shipped, but don't expect fast shipping on such a deal with free shipping. The price did go up on this one soon after I posted, but they have these "quick" deals every so often, and the prices can change fast!